Dahlias & Granite is the best pick for your Custom Bathroom and Kitchen Design in Denver! - 3 minutes read

Did you know that it is a proven scientific fact that when calming environments surround us, our blood pressure lowers, and our breathing slows down? How do we get this calming environment? Well, simply by deciding to undergo an interior design change in your home, which could be kitchen renovation, custom bathroom design, or custom kitchen design in Denver with DAHLIAS & Granite by Lora Frost! People who have hired them have raving reviews as the outcome is something that is not only aesthetic and comfortable but also based on your needs and requirements!

Why choose DAHLIAS & Granite for your kitchen renovation or custom bathroom design needs in Denver?

DAHLIAS & Granite, headed by Lora Frost, is a woman-centric design/ Build From that comes with its unique ethos and method when it comes to interior or exterior designing; that could be your outdoor area living design or landscape designing or custom bathroom design, or custom kitchen design needs in Denver! While working on your project, Lora Frost focuses on the following method or factors!

Method (1: Usability

When planning the kitchen renovation in Denver or custom kitchen or bathroom design, the first and foremost element considered is how you and your family would like to use the space to be designed. The design is then developed to ensure the comfort and usability of the space based on your needs and requirements, which is a crucial factor.

Method (2: Connection

Lora Frost from dahliasandgranite.com believes that natural elements are incorporated in the design as they have natural headlining and nourishing effects on you. Hence, be it custom bathroom design or custom kitchen design in Denver, natural elements are incorporated throughout the procedures. The result is usually a bright and well-lit transformation of your bathroom or kitchen with custom design or renovation in Denver.

Method (3: Sense of Place

Lora Frost, the Principal Designer at DAHLIAS & Granite, believes each has its feelings and characteristics. Hence, restoration of the same in the designing process is crucial! This aspect is mainly considered in the designing process, be it renovation or custom kitchen or bathroom design in Denver formulation!

What are the services offered by DAHLIAS & Granite?

Under the leadership of Lora Frost, DAHLIAS & Granite offers a variety of quality services that include:

Quality service Category (1: Interior Design

It comprises color consulting, space planning, choosing your finishes for a new build or renovation, choosing d├ęcor items, kitchen renovation, and even custom kitchen and bathroom design in Denver. There are more services offered that you can read about on our website.

Quality service Category (2: Landscape Design

It comprises landscape design, outdoor kitchen area design, lighting, composting, the development of rain gardens, garden planting plans, and much more!

Quality service Category (3: Air BnB or short-term rentals

It comprises color consultations, space planning, furniture selection, complete designing services, checklists like cleaning and maintenance, and so on.

Quality service Category (4: Custom furniture and built-ins

It comprises custom kitchen or bathroom designs in Denver and even bedroom or living space custom designs to suit your needs and requirements, including dressers, vanities, consoles, built-in shelves, storage, and much more!

Quality service Category (5: Construction Consultations and Triage

This includes Pre-construction, thoughts and best practices, bid review during construction review, and looking at completed details and work.

Testimonials of people who have hired the services of Lora Frost for their kitchen renovation, custom bathroom design, or custom kitchen design in Denver highly recommend their interior design services as they believe in designing spaces that your body and mind adore. They have experienced it too. Book your Discovery call for free by clicking here!