A Guide to Baby Bath Seats. - 3 minutes read

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Bathtime is a fun and enjoyable time for babies, children, and their caregivers. However, parents and caregivers need to be very aware of the risks of drowning. This article provides tips for safely bathing a baby or young child. Before bathing a baby or young child the following safety checklist should be followed:

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  • Never leave the baby or child unattended in the bathtub.
  • Never leave an older child to supervise a baby or younger child in the bathtub as they may not recognize when a baby gets into trouble.
  • Always check bath baby seats for any worn or broken parts before using it
  • Do not use a baby bath seat that relies on suction cups in a bath with worn enamel or with a surface that the cups will not stick to.
  • Only have water at a level where it can be splashed by hand over the baby.

To make bathing easier parents can use a baby bath seat. These are especially useful for caregivers with bad backs who find bending over to support a baby in the bathtub painful or for caregivers who prefer to have two hands-free to wash the baby or young child. Baby bath seats are plastic devices that support a baby or young person in the sitting position in the bathtub. Baby bath seats are bathing helpers, not safety devices. An adult should always be within arm's length of a child in the bathtub. When purchasing a baby bath seat the following should be considered:

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Some newer models of baby bath seats have added features that should be considered before purchasing a seat. A seat that has the ability to move a child safely into and out of the bathtub with an ergonomic system that does not rely on the strength of the caregiver may be especially helpful for a caregiver with a back problem or for a disabled baby or child. Before bathing a baby or young child please remember:

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