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Vaping has become a popular trend in Hong Kong in recent years. Vaping devices, also known as electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, or e-cigarettes, are battery-operated devices that heat a liquid (known as e-liquid or vape juice) to produce an aerosol that the user inhales.

If you looking for 電子煙 then you are at the perfect place. Our mission is to accelerate the transformation of the world's 1 billion smokers to a healthier and more enjoyable lifestyle.

RELX products are bomb-changing vapes, including refreshing mint, classic tobacco, tropical fruit, and other flavors.

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In Hong Kong, the sale of e-cigarettes and e-liquids is regulated under the Tobacco and Counterfeit Goods (Control) Ordinance. The ordinance restricts the sale of e-cigarettes to people 18 years of age or older and prohibits the sale of e-cigarettes in vending machines. Additionally, advertising and promotion of e-cigarettes are regulated under the ordinance.

We have many years of experience in selling e-cigarettes. Based on the concept of small but precise, we have been focusing on a segmented market, only selling e-cigarettes. I know the e-cigarette industry very well, and the customers are 100% positive. This is also the driving force for us to continue to develop firmly. Our store product concept has always been to make customers "happy to use and safe to buy".

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