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We are all digital natives, so working with technology is a part of our lives. Owing to this fact, experiencing tension, stiffness, and muscular pain in the shoulder and neck area is a common problem faced! We don't realize it, but in the fad of completing our work, we crane over our phones and hunch our shoulders over our computers for long hours! This can lead to chronic pain in your shoulder joint and lead to a "Frozen Shoulder." You cannot leave it and bear the pain; instead, get in touch with the best Integrated Pain Consultants like Dr. Nikesh Seth today. Visit to know more!

What is a frozen shoulder?

The shoulder joint comprises 3 bones: your upper arm, shoulder blade, and collarbone. These bones form your ball-and-socket joint, with tissue surrounding it that holds everything together. The frozen shoulder condition occurs when your shoulder tissue becomes so tight and thick that it can't move without fluid. The condition can become extremely painful, stiff, and uncomfortable. You need a Chiropractor to help you manage your pain. Dr. Nikesh Seth has been in the news for providing chiropractic care that relieves pain.

The Stages of Frozen Shoulder

The Integrated Pain Consultants talk about the various phases of your frozen shoulder condition:

Phase 1: The Freezing Stage

During the freezing stage, the pain develops in your shoulder, and you start feeling it when you move it. With time, it gets worse, and the pain can last for months on end, as described by Dr. Nikesh Seth in the news recently, who had cured many patients with this condition.

Phase 2: Frozen Stage

If you don't visit Integrated Pain Consultants during the freezing stage, your condition could move to the next phase, called the frozen stage. Your pain could lessen, but the stiffness around your shoulder increases, making your motion more impossible.

Phase 3: Thawing Stage

In the thawing stage, you get back your motion, feel that your stiffness has gone away, and start feeling normal. However, it could take 2 years to reach this phase, and many times, it does not bring the pain relief you may think you have achieved.

The  Treatment of Frozen Shoulders by Integrated Pain Consultants- Chiropractor Care.

The chiropractic care by Integrated Pain Consultants and his team of pain doctors is unmatchable, as per reviews from his patients, and that's why Dr. Nikesh Seth is frequently in the news.

Over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen and aspirin are usually the first line of defense for frozen shoulders adopted by many because they may support the reduction of inflammation and pain. But they are temporary measures, and Integrated Pain Consultants have therapies to support you in overcoming your pain.

Treatment 1: Shoulder manipulation

Using a general anesthetic, the pain doctor moves your shoulder to loosen the tightened tissue.

Treatment 2: Joint distension

The sterile water is injected into the joint capsule, stretches the tissue, and improves your range of motion.

Treatment 3: Steroid injection

The corticosteroids are injected directly into your shoulder joint to help relieve your pain.

Chiropractic care by Integrated Pain Consultants helps reduce the pain and improve the shoulder's range of motion with a speedy recovery. As stated by Dr. Nikesh Seth is in the news, your treatment plan depends on the symptoms and how long you have been suffering from the condition.

The Niel Asher Technique is one of the most common chiropractic techniques used to treat frozen shoulders. It involves the manipulation of the joints and muscle tissues. It involves applying pressure and stretching key points to help reduce pain and resolve the condition. Book your appointment today on