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Journal of physics and astronomy

Astronomy is mainly concerned with observational physics, or what is visible and observable inside an object (including our vast universe). New ideas are proposed in astrophysics using observational physics, and these hypotheses are then tested using mathematical modeling.

Do you dream of distant galaxies when you glance up at night? Do you ever ponder the universe's beginnings? With a degree in physics and astronomy from Waterloo, you can satisfy your curiosity.

Some Aspects of Journal of Physics and Astronomy

Today's astronomy is a vast, dynamic field where new tools and theories are continually being developed. Science is in its heyday right now, and astronomy is seeing more than its fair share of innovations. You will learn how much of this functions as an astronomy major, and you will have the chance to add to our knowledge of the cosmos on your own.

The Department of Physics and Astronomy oversees the astronomy major. A separate major wasn't offered before lately. You could then be curious as to what astronomy is and how it ties to the other departmental course, physics. Astronomy is the study of the cosmos as a whole, excluding the atmosphere of our planet. That includes celestial objects that are visible to the unaided eye, such as the Sun, Moon, planets, and stars. It also includes things like far-off galaxies and small particles that we can only glimpse through telescopes or other tools. Even though they are closely related, astronomy and physics are not exactly the same. The primary goal of physics is to identify the natural laws at the foundation of the universe and to apply them when they are useful. In contrast, astronomy is focused on a specific item that we can observe called the Universe and everything within it, much as how geology is focused on a specific object, in this case, the earth. Both geophysics and astrophysics are fields of study, but in neither is the study of physics an end in itself; rather, it is a means of understanding what is already present.

Journal Highlights

The Journal of Physics and Astronomy is open access, peer-reviewed journal that publishes all facets of physics and astronomy with the unwavering goals of reporting on the most recent research developments and achievements and offering a high-quality online platform by publishing research articles, review articles, short communications, rapid communications, letters to the editor, case studies, and analyses in all facets of physics and astronomy. Some specific keywords cover the journal of Physics and Astronomy area such as Astrophysics, Nuclear physics, Biophysics, Optical physics, Black Hole, Asteroids, Space observation and exploration and so on.

Glossary of Journal


A subfield of space science called astrophysics uses the rules of physics and chemistry to investigate the cosmos and how we fit within it. Although astronomy is among the earliest disciplines, theoretical astrophysics was first developed by Isaac Newton.


Scientists from a variety of disciplines, including math, chemistry, physics, engineering, pharmacology, and materials sciences, combine their talents in the thriving area of biophysics to investigate and create new methods for comprehending how biology works.

Nuclear Physics

Nuclear physics is the branch of physics that deals with the study of atomic nuclei, their constituents, interactions, and other kinds of nuclear matter.

Optical physics

The area of physics known as optics is concerned with the behavior and characteristics of light, including how it interacts with materials and how to build devices that can either use or detect it.

Space Exploration and Observation

The technique of exploring space with the assistance of astronomy and space technology. While astronomers with telescopes do most of the physical exploration of space, both human spaceflight and autonomous unmanned space probes also participate. One of the key sources for space research is space exploration, much like its traditional form of astronomy.

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