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To understand the functioning of the septic tank system, the importance of septic tank pumping, and septic tank servicing, we need first to understand what a septic tank is.


What is a septic tank?


A septic tank is usually an underground chamber of fiberglass, concrete, or plastic. Domestic wastewater released from homes after washing, cleaning, or bathing, flows into this septic tank for primary treatment. The solids in this wastewater are broken down over time through anaerobic processes. A septic tank is like a sewage facility.


What are the various septic tanks used in a septic tank system?


Sewage collected in a septic tank is treated by bacterial decomposition. For this process to occur, septic tanks are mainly located underground.

The efficient functioning of the septic tank system depends on the material used for its construction.

Septic tanks can be broadly divided into four types depending on the material used for their construction.


1.Concrete Septic Tanks- Septic tanks made from concrete are usually precast for easy installation. There are two kinds of concrete septic tanks; the single structure tank and the all-in-one system. In the single structure tank, the different chambers within the tank, such as the trash tank, the aeration chamber, and the clarifier, are all precast separately within the tank. The all-in-one tank does not have separate compartments. Septic tank systems made of concrete are robust, durable, do not rust easily, cannot be damaged by heavy machinery, and have a long life span. 

2.Plastic Septic Tanks- Plastic tanks are made from polyethylene plastic and are also known as poly septic tanks. They are popular as they are lightweight and rustproof. Their lightweight makes for easy installation. Plastic septic tanks are economical as compared to other tanks. They are rustproof, have good chemical resistance, and are resistant to cracking.  

3.Steel Septic Tanks- Steel septic tanks are not preferred much as they are expensive and not very durable in the long run. They corrode and deteriorate quickly, making them unreliable. Septic tank servicing of a steel tank can be a tricky affair. If the tank's lid has rusted, it may entirely collapse during septic tank pumping and cleaning.


4.Fiberglass Septic Tanks- Fiberglass septic tanks are also plastic, but they are made from fiber-reinforced plastic, making them stronger than polyethylene plastic. They are lightweight and durable. They are also rustproof and water-tight. 


How do you ensure proper septic tank servicing?


If you wish to have your septic tank system operating smoothly and efficiently, you must ensure its timely servicing and pumping. Here are some ways to keep your septic tank system clean and work adeptly.


1.Inspect and pump regularly- An average household's septic tank system should be inspected by a septic service system provider once every three years, and pumping should be carried out once every three to five years.

Four major factors will determine the frequency of septic pumping.

a.The size of your household, i.e., the number of members living together.

b. Amount of solid released in the wastewater.

c.The size of the septic tank.

d. Total wastewater generated.

2.Using water efficiently- Leaky pipes and faucets cause a lot of water to be wasted. All this water ends up flowing into the septic tank. When water is conserved and used sparingly or efficiently, less of it flows into the septic tank. This will improve the functioning of the septic system, and you will have a lesser need to hire the services of a septic service system provider. 


3.Proper waste disposal- Everything thrown or flushed down a drain flows into the septic tank. If you do not use your septic tank as a trash can, you will not need frequent septic pumping.


4.Avoid flushing or pouring chemicals into your drains- A septic system treats and breaks down solid waste through bacterial decomposition. Pouring toxins and chemicals through sinks and drain pipes may kill these microorganisms and, in turn, harm your septic system. Oil, grease, chemical cleaners, toxins, and paints should not be poured down a drain.  


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