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Frontier is one of the few airlines that charge a cost for each checked bag (there are no free inclusions) and for regular carry-on luggage. Frontier Baggage policy increases these costs with time. Purchase your suitcase and checked luggage allowances as soon as possible to get the best deal. If you purchase your ticket without knowing how much cash you'll carry, you have until 24 hours before departure to book the next lowest rate. Remember that luggage fees only apply to one-way trips (round-trip fees are twice as high).

Carry-on Baggage

1. You can bring your Frontier carry-on luggage and place it in the overhead compartment if it complies with the airline's specifications.

2. To qualify, carry-on luggage must weigh at most 35 pounds and measure 24 inches tall, 16 inches wide, and 10 inches deep.

3. It's essential to remember that Frontier charges more for carry-on bags than checked bags.

4. The average price difference between flights is about $5 or so.

5. The earlier you book your luggage on Frontier, the less you pay in baggage fees overall.

6. When purchased at check-in, carry-on bags are typical $60; however, if you wait until you are at the airport, the price will be $79 (or $89 if you have to check in at the boarding gate).

Other Carry-on items

1. No matter what fare you choose, one bag on Frontier is always free: the personal item bag.

2. The term "personal items" on Frontier Airlines refers to anything that can fit under the seat in front of you.

3. According to Frontier, personal item bags are limited to 14 inches high, 18 inches wide, and 8 inches deep.

4. Ensure your bag is the right size before heading to the airport because paying for a carry-on or checked bag can cost up to $80.

Checked Baggage

Carry-on bags subject to those specific baggage costs on Frontier must be at most 24 inches in height, 16 inches wide, and 10 inches deep.

When purchased when booking the ticket, if the bags are small enough to be designated carry-ons, they usually cost around $60 but are slightly more expensive after that.

Bags larger than 110 linear inches and over 100 pounds will not be accepted. All travelers with WORKS are eligible for complimentary checked bags. The cost of checked luggage varies depending on when it is purchased and is not refundable. When booking travel, you can get a carry-on pack from Frontier for the lowest price.

Sports Equipments

Boogie/Wake Boards, Bowling Equipment, Fencing Equipment, Fishing Equipment, Golf Equipment, Hang Gliding Equipment, Hockey Equipment, Kayak and Canoe, Paintball Guns, Scuba Equipment, Skates, and Skateboards are just a few of the sporting equipment that Frontier accepts on its flights.

Like most airlines, ski boot bags can be checked as one item if they weigh less than 25 pounds and are combined with the ski bag.