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What is KETO?

KETO is a way of eating that aims at getting the body into fat burning and after being wholly or partially in ketosis (a metabolic state where the body burns fat as a primary fuel). You achieve this by eating very few carbohydrates.

When you eat so few carbohydrates it means that the diet energy is mostly made up of protein and fat. On the plate, however, there can easily be room for lots of vegetables too, as vegetables are very low in carbohydrates compared to pasta, rice and potato.

But eating a few carbohydrates does not guarantee you weight loss alone. To achieve the weight loss, we need a calorie deficit. Therefore, Jane Faerber works with a diet that ensures that the body switches to fat burning and at the same time that some of the fat that is burned comes from the body's own stores.

KETO cure reminder rules

Most important advice: Eat a maximum of 20-30 grams of carbohydrates a day every day for at least four weeks.

Eat real food in the form of vegetables, meat and fat.

Eat only for meals and avoid snacking and snacking.

Get mainly your carbohydrates from vegetables, which also fill you up with vitamins and minerals. Avoid pasta, potatoes and bread.

Eat well with protein so you maintain your muscle mass while losing fat.

Use fat in the food to stay saturated and have enough energy. If you feel hungry and energyless during the day, turn up the fat.

Learn to listen to your appetite. Eat only when you feel genuine hunger.

Add salt and liquid. You can saturate much of what you think is hunger by making sure you get enough salt and liquid.

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What is the KETO method?

You can use KETO to optimize your fat burning and thereby control your hormones, your blood sugar and your appetite.

The KETO method only uses a few weeks of strict carbohydrate restriction. It is necessary to make the body switch to fat burning. Once fat burning runs like butter in butter, you will experience it as if you have been given the willpower, and you will experience it as easy to say no to what does not serve your purpose.

You cannot succeed in eating less if it means you have to fight your hunger with willpower hour by day, day by day. Asking someone for it and blaming them when they fail is outright hurt.

KETO offers a method to lose weight, where being in calorie deficit is made more comfortable by letting go of blood sugar drops and nagging hunger sensations. And it is, in all its simplicity, the magic of it. And then it's incredibly simple. Eat few carbs. Max. 20-30 g per day. 

KETO can offer this

  • Optimized fat burning. Keto optimizes fat burning and causes the body to use fat as its primary fuel so it burns fat around the clock.
  • Fat loss with minimal muscle loss. Losing muscle mass is usually a natural consequence of losing weight. However, if you combine a well-designed Keto diet that contains sufficient protein with regular strength training, you may succeed in losing fat and not muscle.
  • Stable blood sugar. Keto offers an extremely blood sugar stabilizing diet as you eat only a few of the carbohydrates that raise blood sugar.
  • Decreased appetite. Some feel that the appetite disappears completely, others just feel that it regulates, so hunger no longer feels so acute. The reduced appetite makes it easier, or less unpleasant, to be in calorie deficit during the period of weight loss.
  • More stable energy. As the body of Keto runs on optimized fat burning, it has access to extract energy from its stored energy reserves, namely your fat stores. This means that it is no longer sugarcane or experience that the energy or concentration fails at. 15 in the afternoon or if your meals are long.
  • Rest in the body. The stable blood sugar and the stable energy and probably the fact that the brain has a constant flow of energy through the ketone substances gives a feeling of calm in the body. Everyone describes this as one of the best side benefits of keto, and at the same time it is the hardest to describe for people who haven't tried it themselves.
  • Better sleep. It is probably both the ultra-stable blood sugar and the optimized fat burning that help many people to sleep better and heavier when eating keto. Many even find that their sleep needs are slightly reduced after the adaptation period and that they feel rested with less sleep.
  • Better digestion. The first time on keto is often marked by the fact that the digestive system is just getting used to the new diet, but after this many people find that digestion works better and that they feel much less bloated after eating.
  • Less inflammation. Sugar and refined carbohydrates as well as omega 6-rich plant oils are among the most inflammatory things you can eat. None of these you eat at keto. Having constant high blood sugar and high insulin levels in the blood is also inflammatory and both are normalized when eating keto. 
  • Mental focus. The fact that so many describe that they achieve better concentration and mental focus on keto is probably because the brain now has access to a stable fuel (ketone), which offers a more constant supply of energy than glucose that requires regular filling.

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KETO: Here's how to do it

  1. Kilos by kilos. In order to achieve your desired weight loss, you need to eat few carbohydrates and at the same time be in calorie deficit. It causes the body to burn fat and just the fat in your body, you need to look like stored energy that you need to burn off during the cure. The body will always burn both fat and glucose, but with the Keto cure, fat is the primary source of energy.
  2. General rule. Eat only 20-30 grams of carbohydrate a day. Take at least 1 gram of protein per day. kilos of body weight - preferably from animal sources such as meat, eggs, poultry, dairy products and fish. And eat enough fat to make you feel satisfied and satisfied - so pay attention. Good sources of fat are olive oil, avocado and coconut oil, cream and cheese. If you eat very fatty meat, you do not need to add extra fat to your diet. Expect about 1-3 tablespoons. fat per meal.
  3. Choose the green vegetables. They are really low in carbohydrates, so you can eat well in them. In addition, they are good sources of the important vitamins and minerals.
  4. The white sugar. Avoid sugar and other sweeteners for the first four weeks. Then you immediately get used to everything tasting sweet. Later, you can then consider how and if you want to have a little sweet in your diet again
  5. Remember salt and liquid. You need extra salt and liquid when you live by the Keto method. You may want to salt your food a little extra or take a salt shot of 0.5-1 tsp. salt twice a day. Remember to drink plenty of water.
  6. Avoid alcohol. Especially during the first four weeks of the cure, you should completely avoid alcohol so that the body can easily adapt to fat burning. After the four weeks, you can drink again. If so, choose champagne, dry wine or pure spirits.
  7. Free number of meals. Whether you want to eat three, five or seven meals a day is entirely up to you as long as you do not eat more carbohydrate than indicated. The cure recommends that you eat real meals and not snack.
  8. Solid. A good way to get in touch with your appetite is by fasting because it is a way to feel your hunger and your body. There are several different ways to fast. One is the natural fasting, where you only eat when you're hungry - that might mean skipping breakfast. Another way is to fast every day for example from 19-9. And a third to fast 24 hours 1-2 times a week. Choose the version that works best for you.
  9. The body responds. Your body will surely respond to the Keto diet. You may feel a greater hunger, you may also get a so-called Keto-flu - ie symptoms that are reminiscent of the flu and where you feel the body is completely out of order. Hold on, it's only for a short period of time. You can lessen the symptoms by drinking plenty of water and getting extra salt.
  10. How long? If you and the Keto cure have become good friends, nothing will stop you from continuing with Keto until you reach your dream weight.

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