Eva Airlines Name Correction Policy - 1 minute read

How to change name on EVA Air flight ticket?


There are many of the customers who in a hurry at the time of booking may have written incorrect name or may be some sort of spelling mistakes have occurred. In case you are one of them then we can certainly offer you guidance about EVA Air name change policy. In case of some of the things remains unclear then they always have the privilege to connect with us and we would be happily offering assistance and resolving your queries without any hassles or second thought.


EVA Air name change policy


  • As per the rules laid down by International Air Transport Association Regulations once the ticket has been printed then the name cannot be changed. This means the same ticket cannot be utilized by anyone else.
  • In case there are some minor spelling mistakes then the same can be rectified by directly calling the airlines officials. In case the same has been done through from any of the travel agencies then would be required to connect with them to get the same rectified.
  • One-time charges of USD 50 would be levied as the name change fees which is non-refundable.