Flixtor Movies - Check Out The Latest Movie Code 8: Part II 2024 In HD - 1 minute read

Five years have elapsed since the conclusion of the initial film, during which Connor, an electric, was incarcerated after taking the fall for Garrett, a telekinetic who oversees a criminal organization that traffics in psyke, a substance derived from the spinal fluid of PWPs. Upon his release from prison, Connor is approached by Garrett, who attempts to persuade him to rejoin their illicit activities, but Connor is determined to lead a law-abiding life. Half a year later, Connor works despondently as a janitor at a desolate community center, then returns home to eat ramen over the sink and consume psyke. Meanwhile, Garrett operates his drug empire from a low-income housing complex, claiming that the profits benefit the marginalized PWP community; he also bribes the corrupt police force, led by Sgt. Watch. Watch the full movie in high definition on Flixtor Movies.