1 Qatar Taka to Bangladesh Taka 2024 Today's Taka Rate - 1 minute read

Just like the price of every thing fluctuates, the value of the Qatari rupee fluctuates like the stock market, so in this part I will discuss in detail the current rate of the Qatari rupee. As the value of money in Qatar changes like every other country, those who want to send money to Bangladesh from Qatar or other countries must know today's money rate and then send money.

Because if you send money without knowing today's rate of money in Qatar, then you will get much less money in Bangladeshi money. At present the value of Qatari rupee is 27 to 28 times higher than that of Bangladesh. According to today's rate of Qatari Taka, 1 Qatari Riyal = 30.23 Taka. Read more