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A good product is useless if you cannot produce quality leads. The only way to expand and sustain your business is in this method. Lead generation is more easily said than done, though.

It entails more than only introducing interested parties to your website. Building a database of users who have expressed interest in your business is the main goal of lead generation. You must spend time creating landing pages that have a high conversion rate if you want them to interact with you.

Let's look at GetResponse in this article, a lead-generating and email marketing platform that can streamline the process for you.

What Is Getresponse?

GetResponse is a B2B marketing platform that helps increase lead generation, improve ROI, and increase revenue. The application provides a variety of lead-generating tools, such as email marketing, marketing automation, landing page builders, and Autofunnel.

You can do everything from designing surveys and lead magnets to develop compelling emails and web forms on a single platform. This lead generation tool is a fantastic approach to expanding your business, regardless of whether you run an online store or a service-based firm.

You don't have to switch between apps to keep track of your prospects and conversions thanks to the lead generation platform's interfaces with Etsy, WooCommerce, Salesforce, BigCommerce, Shopify, and other well-known apps.

How to Generate Leads with GetResponse?

Let's now look more closely at the lead creation capabilities of GetResponse.

1. Design Engaging Landing Pages

When a user clicks on one of your PPC or social media ads, they are taken to your landing page. This is what they notice first. Therefore, the layout of your landing page can have a direct impact on your sales and conversions.

The average conversion rate for all industries, according to the Email Marketing Benchmarks report, is about 5.86%. Make sure you at least manage to achieve this rate as your main objective.

You can design beautiful landing pages for each of your lead magnets with GetResponse. A very user-friendly landing page editor is included with this lead generation tool. To use it, you don't need any prior coding knowledge.

Your landing page can be customized using the software. Any element on your landing page can be easily moved, cropped, resized, reshaped, and given a different color.

They have a library of over 5000 high-resolution photos from Shutterstock in their built-in image editor. You can also choose GIFs from Giphy to include a lighthearted and animated element.

Do you lack the time to create your landing pages? No issue!

You can select one of their pre-made landing page templates, which are responsive and optimized for conversions. Using these templates, you may easily develop landing pages even if you have no design expertise.

This lead generation tool provides a unique feature for individuals who don't have their own websites. A free domain from GetResponse can be used to create your page.

You can also include signup forms, countdown timers, and pop-up forms to draw users' attention. This can assist you to attract attention to a promotional deal, a lead magnet, or an upcoming event.

2. Create Lead Capture Forms

As your lead capture forms are the first thing your leads view and interact with before converting, they are extremely important. Let's face it, nobody enjoys completing online forms. While some people are reluctant to put forth the effort, others are cautious about disclosing their private information.

What incentives can you offer website visitors to complete your lead generation forms?

Make forms that are visually appealing and optimized. Between 15 and 24 characters makeup around 66% of all email addresses. Therefore, you must make sure that there is enough room in the text box you offer for users to enter their email addresses.

The Form Builder from GetResponse is helpful in this case. You can create unique forms using this lead creation tool to cater to the unique requirements of your business.

For newsletters, sign-ups, free downloads, free course sign-ups, feedback forms, events, and seasonal sign-ups, they have many template categories. You can select the blank form if none of these fit your requirements.

To create visually appealing forms, you don't need to be an expert in HTML. The List Builder Wizard on this lead creation software includes more than 500 professionally created templates. Use the Color Magic Feature to ensure that your forms have the colors associated with your brand. With just one click, color matching is enabled.

You may examine your audience and their preferences by including complex custom fields. Use the A/B test option for your lead capture forms to increase conversions.

It is a platform for lead generating that also facilitates and streamlines your work. Additionally, GetResponse web forms can be integrated with company software such as WordPress, Joomla, Facebook Web Form App, etc.


3. Using The Autoresponder

Did you know that 43% of email marketers send subscribers plain autoresponder emails? As a result, it is the third most widely used format for email marketing communications.

What exactly are autoresponders then?

They are emails that you can send to your subscriber list automatically. In essence, they assist you in automating email marketing efforts. You can save a lot of time and work by using autoresponders. While doing so, you can keep the audience interested.

You may also design and manage your own autoresponders using GetResponse. You can send an autoresponder campaign using this feature. These messages can be sent sequentially or at specific intervals.

The message management mechanism for this lead creation tool is a simple drag-and-drop interface. You can use it to manage your autoresponders and make any necessary adjustments. You may even view your cycles in a calendar view for improved management.

4. Using Marketing Automation

You can choose the time and days of the week when you want to send your messages using GetResponse's autoresponder. Therefore, you may simply contact your target audience even if they live in a different time zone.

The best feature is that you can track your lead generation efforts by checking email statistics and email status. Make sure the sequence is brief to get the most out of your email autoresponder. The open rates and click-through rates tend to decline with longer cycles.

By 2023, Forrester projects that the global market for marketing automation will be worth $25.1 billion. Use GetResponse's Marketing Automation function if you lack the time to run your email marketing campaigns. You may generate events depending on user behavior and develop user-friendly workflows with this lead-generating functionality.

You may send a user an email to remind them to finish their purchase, for instance, if they leave their shopping cart empty before checking out.

On the other hand, if someone has just made a purchase, you can present them with complementary services. With marketing automation, you can set up a distinct response for each action. You may also apply filters and add variables to this lead generation feature to target your message.

GetResponse provides workflow templates that have been thoughtfully built so you don't have to break your head. Every stage of the client journey has a unique template. Their marketing automation templates can be used to attract new clients, welcome them, retarget them, and interact with them.

5. Create Online Survey Forms

GetResponse excels as both a lead-generation tool and a platform for conducting market research. You may learn what your clients really desire by using their online survey forms, and you can also utilize them to receive insightful feedback on your products.

You can design your own online surveys with GetResponse and include questions that meet your needs. There are various question types in the lead generation tool:

You can decide whether to allow more than one answer or only one when using multiple-choice questions.

Text: You have the option of single-line or paragraph responses.

You can add users to your mailing list by using this survey form as a subscription form.

You can add up to 50 pages to a survey using GetResponse. You can still make adjustments to a survey after it has been published. You can include the logo of your company on your online survey forms to raise brand recognition.

Lavito, for instance, conducted market research using online surveys from GetResponse to learn more about the interests of its clients. 1017 people participated in the poll within a month, which assisted the business in further personalizing its products.

6. Host Webinars

In research, nearly 95% of marketers stated that webinars were an important component of their marketing plans. Furthermore, 75% of them claimed that webinars assisted them in expanding their brands.

If you know how to use webinars effectively, you can generate leads from them. GetResponse is the first email marketing company to provide a webinar marketing solution. You can live broadcast your webinar on Facebook and YouTube with the help of this function.

On GetResponse, creating or booking a webinar is quite simple. Simply navigate to the Webinar area, select "Create Webinar," and provide the necessary information, such as the name, date, and time.

You can also decide whether or not webinar participants need to register. You can send reminders to people who have registered.

You can add a password to access your webinar for more privacy. Then, your webinar will only be accessible to people with the right password.

You can create a list with all of your attendees and send them autoresponders from there. The agenda and thank-you pages are the final phases. Setting up your webinar takes less than five minutes in total.

On-demand webinars are another tool you can use with GetResponse to increase lead generation. These are webinars that your audience can begin seeing whenever it is most convenient for them. The best thing about these webinars is that they can be pre-recorded so that you don't have to be there in person to run them.

Because the viewer must complete the form prior to the webinar beginning, you may also utilize it to generate leads. This will enable you to maximize the value of your webinar even after the live portion of it has ended.

7. Create Social Media Ads

Social media marketing in its early stages mostly involved updating your profiles with content. Many things have changed since then. It's no longer just a matter of hoping that your followers will see your updates. You should concentrate on creating a customer journey and encouraging customers to buy.

Social media ads can be useful in this situation. They may broaden your audience, boost interaction, and possibly boost traffic. Due to this, it is predicted that the total cost of social media advertising would reach $102 billion by 2023.

You can use the GetResponse Social Ads Creator to aid in your lead-generating efforts. You may promote your items and make interesting social media campaigns using this tool.

You can save time and work by using the more than 200 predesigned, animated templates that are included. Simply add the product names, images, and prices. The lead-generation tool additionally automatically produces branded slideshows and movies.

The application also enables you to immediately integrate your photographs from Etsy into the Social Ads Maker templates, simplifying the content production process. You may work on your social media advertisements while you're on the road thanks to their mobile app as well!


How to Use GetResponse Autofunnel as a Lead Generation Tool.

The best lead generation tool is GetResponse Autofunnel. It is an automatic sales funnel generator that is pre-made.

It combines all of its potent lead-creation tools into a single, all-inclusive platform. You may streamline your processes and keep track of your online sales from a single platform.

The marketing automation function of GetResponse is sometimes mistaken for auto-funnel. They aren't the same, though. By assigning workflows, the marketing automation function is intended to assist you to enhance your entire working experience.

It is based on a collection of filters, requirements, and actions you can combine to stay in touch with your audience.

On the other hand, using Autofunnel to integrate list-building and sales strategies is simple. You may build new landing pages, run Facebook ads, organize social media campaigns, monitor your conversion rate, and advertise your goods inside your funnel.

You can also send your target audience follow-up emails to increase sales.

You can select an Autofunnel from one of three categories:

Sales Funnel: This funnel is focused on generating fresh leads and wrapping up your sales procedures. Choose GetResponse's Sales Funnel if you want to locate potential customers, sell your products, and promote them. With the help of the two-stage Quick Sales Funnel, you may guide visitors to your website's sales page. Use the Full Sales Funnel to automate email lead nurturing.

List Building Funnel: You may create a huge database of clients interested in your goods and services using this kind of funnel. To increase conversions, welcome them with messages of thanks and encourage them to sign up for your newsletters. By using this funnel, you may create new leads and interact with your audience through sign-up sites and follow-up emails. You can also send your audience automated messages using this funnel.

Webinar Funnel: This funnel will help you generate interest if you want to arrange a webinar. GetResponse is also launching a Lead Magnets funnel, which will allow you to produce eye-catching lead magnets in a matter of minutes. This Autofunnel may also be used to sell tickets for your paid webinar. You can upload your own lead magnets as well.

Upsell Pages

You can upsell your products using the Autofunnel lead creation tool, which is another distinctive feature. With the help of Autofunnel upsell pages, you can also provide your clients with one-time discounts to boost sales.

Offer discounts on a product that goes well with the one a customer is purchasing. You could upsell whiteboard markers if you were selling a whiteboard, for instance. This will allow you to generate more income.

Three upsell pages can be included for each funnel. It is a stage that comes before your sales page and confirmation page. Even better, you may include upsell pages in the funnels you've already built.


Utilize technology to keep one step ahead of your rivals and generate more leads. GetResponse is a potent tool with a tonne of features that can help you advance your lead-generating plan.

With this lead-generating tool, you can do everything from automating your operations to producing interesting survey forms and landing sites. It's time to give it a try if you haven't already. GetResponse is available for a free 30-day trial.