24 Hours in Medellin: What Would You Do? - 2 minutes read

Do you have 24 hours to spend in Medellin, Colombia? This city is surely a hidden gem! City tours Medellin always has something amazing up its sleeve for everyone. You will love how Medellin has a mix of culture, thrills, and chill vibes. What can you do in a day in this vibrant place? Let’s start right away!

A day of romance and culture

In the morning, a couple can start the day by floating up in a hot air balloon. It’s so peaceful up there when you are overlooking the city from above.You can wander around El Poblado once you are back on the ground. This is a cool place for a romantic lunch! It has cute streets and lots of green spaces. After that, you can go walking through the Botanical Gardens. Finally, it will be time for a dinner by candlelight with live Colombian music. A day well spent!

A day packed with adventure and nightlife

Do you and your friends need some fun time? Start your day with an ATV tours Medellin around Medellin’s hills. It’s really exciting! You can go on a city tour afterwards and eat at a local café. Visit a club at night and dance salsa all night. Medellin has a contagious energy, and there is no better way to end an exciting day in Medellin!

A day of peace and rejuvenation

If you are looking for peace in Medellin, you can start with a calming yoga session in a park or treat yourself to a spa. Take a peaceful stroll in Parque Arvi in the afternoon. Take some time off and visit the local art galleries in the evening. Finish your day with dinner at a rooftop spot, soaking in the city views. It’s the perfect setting to just breathe and relax.

A day of discovery and connections

Solo travel is all about discovery, and Medellin is here to be discovered. Start your morning with a short Guatape tour Medellin. Back in the city, you can visit the Museum of Antioquia in the afternoon to marvel at the art and perhaps strike up a conversation with fellow art enthusiasts over coffee. In the evening, why not join a cooking class or a traveller meet-up? It’s a sweet way to meet people and maybe learn a thing or two.

Medellin City will surprise you in the best ways possible!

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