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Petrochemistry conference


Petrochemistry 2022 is thrilled to welcome contributors from everywhere in the globe to wait for the distinguished 13th World Conference on petrochemistry held for the duration of December 05-06, 2022 in Barcelona, Spain.

Petrochemistry 2022 targets to carry collectively main educational scientists, researchers, and studies students’ percentage of their reports and studies outcomes approximately all components of petrochemistry. A wide variety of decided on high effect complete textual content papers may also be taken into consideration for the unique magazine issues. 

It additionally affords the gold standard interdisciplinary discussion board for researchers, practitioners, and educators to offer and speak the maximum current innovations, trends, concerns, and sensible demanding situations encountered and the answers followed inside the discipline of petrochemistry.

Why attend 

Members from around the world focused on learning about petrochemistry and its advances, this is the best opportunity to reach the largest assemblage of participants from the petroleum community 

Conduct presentations. distribute information, meet with current and potential scientists, make a splash with new research and its developments, and receive name recognition at this 2 days event at the petrochemistry conference. 

Target Audience 

•     Petrochemical Industries 

•     Petroleum Associations

•     Petroleum Industries

•     Petro Chemistry Professors

•     Petro Societies

•     Petroleum Engineering Faculty

•     Geology Graduates

•     Petroleum Technology Students 

•     Research Scholars 

•     Scientists 

•     Petroleum Analysts

•     Chemical Engineering Professors 


Young Scientist Benefits:

•     Our meetings offer a nice platform for your studies through oral presentations. 

•     Share your thoughts with each eminent researcher and mentor. 

•     Young scientists awarded reorganization certificates 

•     Young scientists get suitable and well-timed facts with the aid of using this forum.

•     Platform for collaboration amongst younger researchers for higher development.

•     Award ought to inspire members to attempt to understand their complete ability that could in flip be useful to the sector as a whole.



Petrochemistry and Process Engineering 


Chemicals are acquired both immediately from cracking or circuitously from chemical processing, of petroleum oil or herbal fuelling Acetylene, benzene, ethane, ethylene, methane, propane, and hydrogen are major petrochemicals from which many different chemical compounds are generated.


Process Engineering is a chief step in the petrochemical industry & for the design, construction, renovation, and development of massive systems and centers which might be used for processing and generating oil and fuelling both onshore and offshore.


•     Electrochemistry and Electrochemical Engineering.

•     Petroleum refining and petrochemicals 

•     Atmospheric and vacuum distillation 

•     Conversion processes – Decomposition, Unification, Alteration, or Rearrangement 

•     Crude oil desalting and distillation 

•     Catalytic reforming and hydrotreating 

•     Isomerisation and polymerization 

•     Thermal catalytic and hydrocracking 


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering 


Chemical and biochemical engineering is at the center of the conversion of any sort of uncooked substances into materials and merchandise required with the aid of using present-day society.


Chemical engineers and biochemical engineers are in charge of the research and development of methods for the mass production of medications, the more affordable production of simple chemical compounds and fuels, and the monetary manufacturing of superior substances utilized in an extensive variety of areas – inclusive of communication, IT, health, and transport.


•     Reservoir Engineering

•     Agrochemicals 

•     Biofuel from algae 

•     Bioprocess engineering 

•     Food technology 

•     Materials science 

•     Water science and technology 



Drilling and well Operation


The improvement of drilling wells offshore in petrochemicals enterprise gives extra strength resources. The important seaward wellbore improvement system isn‘t altogether now no longer pretty similar to the rotational penetrating process applied for arriving primarily based totally uninteresting. The number one contrasts are the type of uninteresting device and modified techniques used to finish the sports in greater problematic circumstances The dipole sharing research tool is used to determine the drilling path. 

•     Well logging

•     Flaring

•     Oil spill and petroleum enterprise

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