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Surrogacy Centres or Clinics offer the facility of opting for Surrogacy procedures by couples who are not able to conceive naturally or with other artificial methods of reproduction. Ekmi Fertility also provides the Cost of Surrogacy in Delhi. Delhi has always been a well-liked destination for Surrogacy for Indians. This is because Delhi has one of the best healthcare infrastructures in India. There are 25+ Surrogacy Centres in Delhi that house Infertility Specialists with experience of more than 30 years. The treatment in Delhi matches the International standards and all the equipment is up to date. Moreover, the treatment cost in Delhi is very economical as compared to other cities and the doctor’s consultation fee is also very economical. At Ekmifertility, we assure you that the Surrogacy treatment cost is kept totally transparent between the intended parents, surrogate and the centre. For more information contact us at +91-8448841271.