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Check the FESCO bill online at fescobills.net. It is simply straightforward and simple to utilize this site, where you can see your fesco bill. Here you can check your ongoing month's fesco bill with sum , the due date, and view your full bill. You can print a duplicate of the fesco bill, or download your FESCO WAPDA power bill for installment and save a duplicate for your record. In this way, Enter your 14 Digit reference number beneath in the given box to check FESCO Online power bill.

To check FESCO online charge, you simply need 14 digit reference number or your 10-digit buyer ID. In the event that you don't have the foggiest idea about your fiasco bill reference number where to track down it, if it's not too much trouble, take a gander at the picture underneath and see the red featured region:

Fesco Bill, Duplicate of Fesco bill online check

Presently, on the off chance that you are searching for a New and cutting-edge bill or looking fesco.gov.pk to get your FESCO Copy Bill, then, at that point, simply enter your reference number in the info field above and see your bill sum. fescobills.net is a simple to-utilize site that simplifies it to get fesco service bills.

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About FESCO:

FESCO conveys and supplies power to around 4.81 million clients inside its administration domain with a populace of north of 26 million under a Circulation Permit conceded by the Public Electric Power Administrative Power (NEPRA) as indicated by the Guideline of Age, Transmission, and Dissemination of Electric Power Act, 1997 (NEPRA Act). Zapped Area Of FESCO: organization Faisalabad, Sargodha, Mianwali, Khushab, Jhang, Bhakkar, T.T Singh, and Chiniot locale.

FESCO is known as the best power circulating organization in Pakistan concerning functional execution, as it has a low level of dispersion misfortunes and a high pace of bill assortment.

If you have any desire to check the Faisalabad power bill or the wapda bill in whatever other city that is recorded in the table above, you are perfectly positioned. Simply enter your bill reference number and see the most recent FESCO bill immediately.

FESCO-Bill Online Landing page, Fesco Online Bill

FESCO Bill Data:

At fescobills.net, you can rapidly see the fesco bill sum with the due date, and afterward, you can likewise see the full fesco bill where you can find the meter understanding date, bill issue date, and the sum to pay after the due date with added overcharge, and so forth. Regardless of whether you need to check your bill is paid, you can check this status for last month bill. For this reason, you can open the full bill, and allude to the bill installment history where you can track down the record of the most recent a year and see the paid sums.

Association DATE:

The association date tells about when your association introduced on your premises.

Associated Burden:

Associated load implies a heap of your home, shop, industry, and cylinder well at the hour of utilizing power.

Charge MONTH:

Charging month when you meter perusing and consumed units determined.

Understanding DATE:

The date on which the meter peruser takes the perusing of your meter.


When the fesco bill is created from the PC Community or printed by the CC


The date when you need to cover your fesco bill is known as the due date.

Customer ID:

Fesco customer comprises 10 digits. Fesco customer can really look at their bill by utilizing their buyer id.


The fesco bill reference number is the way to checking the k fesco bill. comprises 14 digits.


Old reference number is shown when the reference number is changed because of approval or change in the n area of power by the power. Then, at that point, the new reference number is assigned to the fesco shopper


Fesco bill load is the heap that is endorsed by the expert on the interest of the buyer. At the point when the buyer of applies for new association then fesco customer fill the structure how much burden he wanted.


Fesco Duty shows that what sort of association is running at the site. It could be homegrown, business, modern or agrarian and so forth.


Division show that a major piece of city has a place with on division.


A division further partitioned into sub-division for the shopper's grievance redressal


Lock age shows that the meter isn't being used and being locked by the power. it will tell how long or how long it is being locked.

NO of ACs:

It you are utilizing climate control system then in this crate it will show number of forced air system you are utilizing.


Anyway you don't take care of your bill then in the container, it will seem how long you haven't cover your bill


Feeder name shows your area of power or line named.


Meter No is the id of your meter introduced at the site it is imprinted on the meter and inside the product of advanced meter.

Past Perusing:

It shows the earlier month perusing on which you fesco bill was given.

PRESENT Perusing:

Your FESCO bill will be created on the current perusing. It implies the current month's understanding status.

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Fesco Pinnacle Hours:

Fesco prescribes to diminish power utilization during top hours which will assist with decreasing your power charge sum, and assist with balancing out electric inventory to the whole area. Here are the Fesco top hours:

From April to October 6:30 PM to 10:30 PM

From November to March 6 PM to 10 PM

How to actually look at FESCO Bill?

Here are moves toward checking fesco bills on the web:

Visit Fescobills.net site.

Enter 14 digit reference number.

Presently you will see the most recent bill sum with a due date.

Click on 'View Full Bill' to see total bill or download duplicate of the bill.

Click on Homegrown/Shop Bill assuming that you are Homegrown/Shop purchaser.

Click on Modern/Horticultural assuming that your are Modern or agrarian customer.

Actually take a look at Fesco Bill without Reference Number?

fescobills.net is responsive site and you can without much of a stretch view your bill sum on all sort of gadgets (work area/versatile). All you really want is the 14 digit reference number to check your Fesco online bill that you can find on any old bill duplicate. You can not actually look at it by CNIC or name but rather you can check your fesco bill by client id which is comprise on 10-digit. In the event that you live in Fesco Area of power , you can actually look at your bill at fescobills.net site.

New Association or Move Method:

New association and change of name or move are equivalent to you applying for a new association . Kindly read the new association guidance here. In the event that you bought another property where FESCO association previously enrolled with the past proprietor, and you need to change name on the charge, you should follow same technique like new association. You can visit the closest office and apply for the name change or revision.

Charges in FESCO Bill:

Here is the rundown of normal charges that you as a rule find in the FESCO bills:


FPA represents Fuel Value Change. The FPA cost in FESCO charge has a place with the fuel estimating of rental power organizations that create power from Unrefined petroleum and so on. You can see this sum in your bill when there is fuel cost variance.

TR Overcharge:

T.R represents Tax Justification Overcharge. This is NEPRA and GOP tax contrast. On the off chance that distinction is positive, it will be payable by GOP as "Appropriation". Anyway in the event of negative distinction, the Dispersion Organization will pay to GOP as "Entomb DISCO Duty Defense Overcharge ".

FC Overcharge:

FC implies Supporting Expense. The authorities chose to charge 43 paisa for every unit as FC Overcharge, to get assortment of obligation adjusting of the Power Holding Private Restricted.

Conceded Sum: It is questioned sum and premise might be unique. it could be a legal dispute or other question b/w the division and the customer. This is the bill sum that you have decision to pay around the same time, or later one. There are no late installment charges on conceded bill, and your next bills might remember this sum for portions or full.

QTR Tax Change/DMC

This is a quarterly tax change sum. You might see this sum in your bill after like clockwork.

If you have any desire to work out gauge bill sum, you can utilize the FESCO bill mini-computer here.

Go ahead and Reach Us for some other inquiries, or visit the Helpline Page and call related office to get required data.


How would I download FESCO bill on the web? Visit fescobills.net, enter reference number to check speedy bill, then, at that point, open full bill and there you can download FESCO WAPDA bill free of charge.

What is FESCO Bill objection number? Approach 111-000-118 to contact FESCO settle. Peruse more about fesco helpline here.

Could I at any point ascertain FESCO bill on the web? Obviously, you can work out gauge bill sum by entering consumed units by utilizing FESCO online bill number cruncher.

How might I get FESCO copy bill? You can get FESCO copy bill at FESCOBILLS.NET by entering 14 digit reference number.

Might I at any point check FESCO bill without a reference number? Indeed certain you can actually take a look at it by purchaser id however You can not really take a look at FESCO electric bill with name, CNIC, address or meter number. Reference number and customer ID is important to check FESCO power bill, any other way you can call helpline or visit the closest office.

How might I change the name on my bill? You can apply for name change in FESCO office. The interaction to change name is same like new association.

How to check if my FESCO charge is paid or not? Presently this element isn't accessible. You can call helpline to affirm the bill installment.

What is FPA in FESCO bill? FPA is Fuel Value Change. A sum put on your tab on fuel costs change.

Might I at any point check old bills on the web? No, at present this component isn't accessible on the web. Be that as it may, you can visit the FESCO settle to get old bills record.

What is FESCO recognition bill? A Recognition Bill is given for

1. Unlawful deliberation of power or utilization of energy.

2. Direct snaring or power burglary.

3. By virtue of gradualness of power meter.

You can reach us assuming you have some other inquiries.