Woman Who Survived Las Vegas Shooting Dies - 1 minute read

Woman Injured in Las Vegas Shooting Dies 2 Years Later

Two years after a horrific attack at a Las Vegas hotel became the deadliest shooting in modern American history, a California woman who was shot and paralyzed that night has died.

The woman, Kim Gervais, 57, was a country music fan, small-business owner and mother of two daughters.

Her death was announced by the office of the San Bernardino County coroner, which said that Ms. Gervais had been nursing her injuries at a facility in Redlands and had died on Friday. The coroner is performing an autopsy to determine the exact cause of death.

If it is connected to her injuries, it will bring the death toll from the shooting to 59 people.

An assessment of the shooting, released by the Las Vegas police in 2018, said that 869 people had been injured in the attack, including 413 wounded by bullets or shrapnel.

Source: The New York Times

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