Best Surrogacy Centers in Delhi with high success rates 2022 - - 1 minute read

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Surrogacy is a little complicated process. We, at Ekmi Fertility, guarantee you the full package of medical consultation and procedures, finding a surrogate mother, routine check-ups, and legal consultation and documentation, under our Guaranteed Surrogacy Program. Infertility is becoming a widespread problem, and millions of couples who are incapable of conceiving with other forms of fertility treatment opt for surrogacy. With the Surrogacy Bill which is now officially an act, a lot has changed. Ekmi Fertility, being the best surrogacy center in Delhi takes care of all the legalities. Delhi has the state of the laboratories, most advanced technology and access to best medical facilities. This makes Delhi the hub for Surrogacy and Ekmi Fertility provides the best  surrogacy centre in Delhi.