Top 3 best mop for laminate floors - 2023 edition - 3 minutes read

Mops for Laminate wood floors are your best friends, without a doubt, in terms of house cleaning. They are versatile, and can be used to clean almost every surface, from floor to walls, to the countertop. There is a variety of laminate floor mops, and depending on the need and the cleaning purpose, you might need different mops. In this article, we will preview 3 categorized floor mops, in order to help you find the suitable one for your beloved home and simplify the choosing process. Now without further ado, let’s find out which one is the best mop for laminate floors, shall we?

Libman Wonder - Most value for your money

This is a traditional style mop, and is modified to work wonderfully with laminate floors. Instead of using normal strips of fabric, the Libman Wonder uses strips of microfiber, this will minimize the chance of damaging the floor in the cleaning process. Not to mention, Libman’s mop head uses the Gripstrip technology, which allows it to remove 20% more dirt than other mops in the same price range. 

Other than that, the Libman still has the similar characteristic of a traditional strip mop with a long handle, a built-in wringer and rewashable strip mop head. One plus side of having a microfiber strip is that you can use it as a dusting tool while the mop head is dry.

Having similar features as a regular strip mop allow the Libman to be compatible with all sorts of flooring, from hardwood to laminate wood floors. At a low price of only around $10, you literally get the most bang for your buck.

Forspeeder Microfiber Spray Mop (Recommended)

In terms of laminate floor cleaning, a bit of water spray will do you a big favor. As you all know, drenching your floor in water is not a good thing to do, however, an enough amount of moisture makes stain cleaning 10 times easier, and this mop is designed to do just that.

The Forspeeder is equipped with a super soft microfiber mop head and a 635 milliliter water tank, with a spray feature that disperse a fine mist stream of cleaning fluid, that is just enough to remove the spot. Not to mention, the mop head is 360 degrees adjustable, this makes cleaning the corners like a walk in the park.

The only downside of this mop is the 48 inch handle cannot be adjusted. However, at the price of around $15, the Forspeeder is still worth your money. This is one of the most recommended laminate floor mops, according to TheKingLive, for a reason

Swiffer 2-in-1: Best spot wiper

The Swiffer has a wide mop pad, which is perfect for the house cleaning purpose. When buying this, you will get several disposable mop pads, which are all prewet by the way. That’s why it is the best spot wiper. All you have to do is install the mop pad, wipe the spot, then throw the pad away, no need for mop pad washing.

The Swiffer is designed with a trap and lock feature that allows it to trap dirt more efficiently. And you can easily store it in the warehouse or by hanging it on the wall, because of the hole at the top of the handle.


These are the best 3 laminate floor mops. All of them have simple designs, yet incredibly effective. We hope that you can find a suitable mop for your cozy home. You can visit our website for more trusted product reviews and useful tips & tricks.