Ways to watch TV without disline - 2 minutes read

Everyone in our area has a TV in their house and it is very difficult to find a person who does not watch TV because we are surrounded by TV. TV has been in vogue since last ten years. Before there was no dis system, earlier only BTV channels could be seen but now due to the facilities of dis line, various channels can be seen on TV, dramas, films, songs, comedy, news.

You must have heard this name but set top box is a kind of artificial technology through which 200 plus channels are available on TV and you can choose the channels according to your choice. By installing a set top box on the TV, the quality of the TV increases even more, immediately you can watch the audio, video, movies according to your desire and you can stop the video there if you want in the middle of the work.

The demand of set top box is increasing very much so buy set top box at home now without delay. It will cost 3500 to 4000 taka to put set top box on TV. If you don't have Android TV in your home then you can use set top box as an alternative set top box for android TV. Through this you can enjoy all apps starting from YouTube on TV. Read more