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EkmiFertility Centre, located at Gurugram in the state of Haryana is the globally acclaimed, India’s leading IVF centre, with all infertility treatment under one roof. At our IVF Centre Gurgaon we offer comprehensive and economical services like IVF, ICSI, IUI, Egg Donation, Assisted Hatching, Laparoscopy and Surrogacy. Gone are the times when surrogacy used to be a very complicated process. Our staff, at Ekmi Fertility, will ensure a smooth treatment journey by taking care of medical consultation and procedures, finding a surrogate mother, routine check-ups, and legal consultation and documentation, under one roof. Infertility is becoming a widespread problem, and millions of couples who are incapable of conceiving with other forms of fertility treatment opt for surrogacy. With new Surrogacy laws, a lot has changed. Ekmi Fertility, being the best surrogacy centre in gurugram takes care of all the legalities.