5 Interesting Facts You Must Know Before Buying Toyota Prius - 3 minutes read

Toyota Prius, whether new or pre-owned, is considered as one of the excellent vehicles to own because of its long-term reliability and high fuel efficiency. Fully equipped with a parallel hybrid system, both gasoline and electric motor, act as a smooth operating system. So now quickly let’s have a look at the interesting facts that you must know before buying and owning it for a long time.

1. Electric Charge Capacity

The best thing to consider is you can drive up to 25 miles after full charging of Toyota Prius model. Just charge it for full night and you are done riding 25 miles, without any doubt. Perfect buy to save money and fuel at the same time.

2. Quick Charging

The new Toyota Prius is considered as charge while you sleep vehicle, it takes around 5 hours to charge completely if you are charging from a standard outlet at your home. But guess what, the time to charge gets reduced to only around 2 hours and 30 minutes when charged from public charging stations (240V).

3. Ideal 4 Seater

Toyota Prius, offers some amazing features like lower fuel estimates and comprises you to serve you with only 4 seats rather than traditional 5 seat capacity as a car. Deciding to launch this car with only two seats at the back side, Toyota Prius comes to you with 4 seater capacity.

4. Fuel Efficiency to 54 MPG or 133 MPGe

While buying any vehicle, people tend to focus a lot on fuel efficiency for some obvious reasons, ‘SAVING AT FUEL PUMP’. Toyota Prius handovers you a vehicle with a terrific and incredible fuel consumption capacity.

  • When using the vehicle in hybrid mode, which is on both gasoline and electric mode, drivers can expect 55 MPG city and 53 MPG highway.
  • When utilizing as EV (electric vehicle) mode, it doesn’t step back to you provide less than 133 MPGe easily. What an amazing car to own!

5. 1 Tank Gasoline=640 Miles

One of the biggest worries after fuel efficiency is that for one tank of gasoline, how many miles you can expect for the journey.

For one tank of gasoline, you are done for 640 miles at once. A complete package and supporter for a road trip, indeed.

Conclusion :

Although the above features, specifications, and facts clear your view to purchase and own the 2019 Toyota Prius or not. Summing up the fact that a perfect buy as a hybrid, both gasoline, and electric, this car ultimately provides you with high fuel efficiency and is loaded with amazing features that you will not regret buying it. Find a Toyota Prius for sale near you!