Why AOL Mail Not Receiving Emails | AOL Mail Problems & How to Fix it? - 4 minutes read

AOL webmail is highly respected for the secure and quick services it provides. However, consumers occasionally experience various issues with their incoming emails or messages. Although it won't last forever, we must fix this email delivery issue immediately. Your entire workflow will only improve if you take action to solve the problem. There are several reasons why AOL mail could not be getting your emails.

Why is your AOL Mail Not Receiving Emails

People may experience this problem for a variety of reasons. The most likely ones are given below.

Network connection issue.

AOL servers are having issues.

Errors in the users' typing.

You accidentally clicked on the sender's email address.

Emails are being delivered to a spam or trash folders.

There is no room in the inbox since it is complete.

Resolve the AOL Mail Not Receiving Emails Problem

Open an incognito window after signing out of your AOL account if you are experiencing email delivery issues. Check your inbox after logging back into your account. Your ability to see your messages suggests that your browser's cookies prevent the mailbox download. In this instance, resetting the browser is required to solve the issue. Here are some additional strategies you can use.

Check the Filters

Email filters have an impact on the route taken by incoming emails. Instead of saving the emails to your inbox, the filters can save them elsewhere. Examine the filtering criteria, then arrange the incoming emails as necessary. Examine each folder that you have given a specific folder a place in. Please make sure the filters you created help you organize your emails rather than causing them to vanish. Additionally, make sure you look through every folder, including spam, trash, and junk. Follow these procedures after determining which folder contains your emails.

Start the web browser.

Log in with your AOL credentials.

Go to the folder containing all of your incoming emails.

Choose every message you want to relocate.

On the mailbox's top, click the "More" option.

Tap on "Move" now, then choose the appropriate folder.

Inspect the Server Settings of AOL

The improper AOL email server settings may also be to blame for your AOL not receiving emails issue. The incoming and outgoing server settings are essential for messages to be sent and received without interruption. Every user of the mail apps must be familiar with the settings. The appropriate IMAP and POP server settings are listed below. Utilize them to configure your AOL server settings properly.

Settings for the POP3 Server and Port

The receiving mail server's name is

995 is the port number.

Sure, SSL.

The sending mail server is identified as

The port's number is 465.

Sure, SSL.

Setting the IMAP Server and Port

The inbound mail server is imap.

Port 993 is the number.

SSL is true.

Incoming mail is handled via

Port 465 is the number.

SSL is true.

Disable Mail Forwarding

Incoming emails will be delivered to your specified account when mail forwarding is enabled to the account you choose. Users who manage many accounts with a single mail account should use this functionality. However, if it is enabled and you don't require it, you can have problems with AOL email not getting emails. By following these instructions, you can turn it off.

Go to the "Settings" menu.

Toggle off "Forwarding" by tapping on it.

Reset Your Browser

Are you unable to access AOL using your default browser to receive emails? It means that cookies are impeding effective communication. Resetting your system's browser is the best action in this situation. Reopen your AOL webmail after you've reset it.

Update your Browser

The presence of an old browser is frequently the source of issues getting emails on AOL. You can quickly address this issue by making changes to its mail settings. After that, try logging into your AOL mail account once more. Working with it should be fine for you.

Inspect the Network Connectivity

If you are having trouble receiving AOL emails, you should first verify your network connection. You will unavoidably encounter this problem if your computer's internet connection isn't functioning correctly. You shouldn't experience any network issues while using the webmail.