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The traditional Vess Cigarettes are available in 4 variants like Gold, Silver Blue, and Red Vess Cigarettes. Red Vess Cigarettes are premium cigarettes that can be purchased at wholesale rates on the You can also get the complete list of premium cigarettes.

Red VESS Cigarette is one of the most famous brands of cigarettes among smokers. This is because of its high quality and its affordable price. You can get premium quality Red VESS Cigarettes at Wholesale rates in Thailand.

More Information About VESS Red

  • 20 cigarettes per pack - 10 packs per cotton
  • VESS CLASSIC PREMIUM premium grade classic cigarettes that emphasize extra softness while retaining the overall roundness of the red cigarette
  • with high-quality premium medicinal leaves Carefully chosen for the flavor of red smoke.
  • In the middle level, the regular hotline is very strong. Smoked and smooth, with no painful throat Excellent medicinal leaves that are well-made. worm of average size
  • high-quality red cigarettes with High-quality medicinal leaves that are firmly wrapped, supple, and do not irritate the throat.

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