What is the best way to organically grow your Instagram - 3 minutes read

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1. What Is The Best Way To Organically Grow Your Instagram?

 Here’s what I think you can do to grow your account without Hashtags (although I feel they are quite important to IG growth). 

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Growing your account on Instagram​ is both difficult and time-consuming, but with enough diligent effort you can inevitably grow your account steadily over time. Here’s what I think you can do to grow your account without Hashtags (although I feel they are quite important to IG growth). First, this is what not to do;

2. 1. Don’t use Follow/Unfollow. I know.. I’m going against what a lot of people say but hear me out. This method was great 3–4 years ago before Instagram had such a sophisticated algorithm. 

Now it’s almost inevitable your account will be labeled as a spam account. IG’s system categorizes accounts based on 3 criteria; Spam, User, Influencer.

 If you’re following and unfollowing 300, 400, 500 accounts a day, then the system realizes that this is not “normal” human behavior. Nobody really uses IG in that nature, unless they’re a bot.

 IG hates bots and makes it an effort to shut down those automated social media tools every day. Another reason Why F/U method is not the greatest is because of its basis; people will ONLY follow you back as a courtesy and not because they truly love your content. 

This doesn’t build an engaged audience as they are mindlessly following whoever follows them. Then your account will become more of a tool rather than a vehicle to share your content.

 2. Don’t pay for or buy fake followers. This is bad because it’s something that is going to ruin your accounts engagement rate in the long run. ER (engagement rate) is the average likes+comments you get on your posts.

3. follower amount. Most decent engagement rates hang around 3%-5%. Now What you should do. Post-Great content consistently. Social Media is to share content and it’s the basis of what keeps these platforms alive.

 If you’re not feeding your account with the fuel it needs to run properly, you can’t expect any sort of decent following what so ever. Post at the right times. 

User apps such as UNUM (iOS/Android) to see what your best time is so that you can get the most engagement and get more exposure. Create or get invited to DM Groups. Reach out to accounts in your niche and create what’s called a DM Group. 

These are groups that are made on the app itself, 15 max, in which all participants agree to like+comment on each other's posts as soon as possible. 

Use relevant hashtags. Hashtags are the basis of exposure on social media, as people that are interested in certain topics use them to look for stuff they’re interested in. 

Start by looking at what tags account you look up to use and then start compiling a list of related ones. Make sure to circulate your tags as you don’t want

4. to be shadowbanned for using the same ones repetitively. Use these tips and I’m sure your account will grow! I would strongly recommend you ​Check Out This Tool​ In Building Your Instagram Business And Brand To Get More Exposure.