Google Chrome is getting a paid version with top-notch security features - 3 minutes read

What you need to know Google is revamping Chrome for businesses with Chrome Enterprise Premium, offering advanced security features for a monthly fee.Chrome Enterprise Premium offers both a paid and free version. The paid version emphasizes enhanced security features such as data loss prevention and deep malware scans.Chrome Enterprise Premium employs context-aware access controls to identify and mitigate potential data leaks, even from unauthorized apps.

Google is giving Chrome a security makeover for businesses. Called Chrome Enterprise Premium, it adds a bunch of advanced security features for those willing to pay monthly.

Google has been using enterprise Chrome for a while, allowing IT admins to control things like browser settings and the apps enterprise users use. Chrome Enterprise also offers data protection, malware guards, and phishing protection.

At $6 a month per user, Chrome Enterprise Premium beefs up security even more, recognizing that browsers are now where the big work goes down.

As users worldwide tap into Chrome on their phones and work devices and deal with various software versions and platforms, Google's got their back. Chrome Enterprise Premium offers a bunch of tools to keep things locked down tight at every step.

Chrome Enterprise Premium comes in two flavors: Core, which is free, and Premium. Google is pitching this version as a web browser that doubles down on online safety, performing deep malware scanning, stopping data leaks in their tracks, and even letting you filter URLs based on what kind of websites they are.

However, the paid and free Chrome Enterprise versions have some big differences. The Premium tier provides data loss prevention and deep malware scans, but the Core (free) doesn't. But even with Core, you still get basic stuff like phishing and malware protection.

There's some sort of AI magic in there, too, with Google saying it's using artificial intelligence to tackle malware and phishing head-on.

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Chrome Enterprise Premium doesn't stop thereā€”it kicks Zero Trust up a notch with context-aware access controls. This means it can sniff out potential data leaks, whether from approved apps or ones that IT didn't give the green light to.

Google is adding even more controls, too, giving admins the power to implement policies and keep software up-to-date through automatic updates to squash any new bugs that pop up.

This Chrome edition is also built to stop shady add-ons, making sure hackers can't sneak in through any cracks. Plus, it plays nice with other Google and third-party security tools to cover all your bases.

Source: Android Central

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