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The success rate of the IVF procedure is not consistent and may vary depending on demographic conditions. The degree of IVF success depends on many factors, including pre-existing medical conditions. 

For example, the occurrence of tubal blockage gives the desired results from IVF treatment. On the other hand, the same treatment lags behind in cases of miscarriage or thin endometrium recurrence. Other factors impairing the success rate of IVF include abnormal exposure to DES, latent decay, and fibrous disease.

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Some malefactors negatively affect fertility and IVF success rates. However, with the advent of the latest treatments such as ICSI and modern sperm selection procedures, the success rate has increased significantly.

The following are some of the factors that have influenced the success of IVF treatment in India: 

The age of the patient

The success rate of IVF depends largely on the age of the patient. In older women, over the age of 35, the success rate of IVF decreases sharply. Here, one important thing to note is the age of the egg. With increasing age, the quality and quantity of eggs decrease drastically. It is up to the physician to make a plan for uterine stimulation, to determine the number of embryos that can be transferred, and so on. It is possible to transfer about five embryos at a time.

Infertility period

The success rate of infertility treatments like IVF largely depends on how long you have been infertile. If the period of infertility is comparable to the age of the woman, then the success rate shows a sharp decline. As it turns out, you may be left with the option of laying eggs.

Frequent miscarriages

If you have a history of frequent miscarriages, you need to be careful before starting treatment. Carrying a live baby can be a daunting task for such a baby.

Dysfunctional ovulation

The successful rate of IVF treatment can also replace ovarian dysfunction. Patients with low levels of AMH and high levels of FSH are less likely to succeed.

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