Virtual Apartment Tours and 3D Commercial Space Photographers - 3 minutes read

If you own residential property or some commercial property that you wish to sell or rent, one of the most productive and popular ways to generate attention towards your property would be to hire a 3D commercial space photographer.

The raging pandemic has changed, how potential buyers and tenants view residential or commercial property that is out in the market. Traveling to view the property may not always be a feasible option. This is where 3D photographers and virtual tours of apartments have become game-changers.


What are the benefits of hiring a 3D commercial space photographer?


1. An excellent 3D photographer will be technically savvy, detail-oriented, and very reliable. Their expertise will reflect how they connect each of the rooms of the property, how they edit their work before presenting it to their client, and the fluidity of the virtual tour.

2. A 3D commercial space photographer will be an expert at shooting photos from different strategic angles. Such techniques will bring depth, variety, and aesthetic beauty to the images. 3D photos will reflect your commercial property in an enticing manner that will appeal to the viewer.

3. The whole purpose of 3D commercial space photography is to generate interest in your property. Artistically and creatively 3D photos will attract the attention of serious buyers, which is sure to create income opportunities for you.

4. 3D commercial space photographers are not only excellent at shooting beautiful photos but are also great at editing photos.


Virtual apartment tours offer convenience and easy accessibility to individuals looking for apartments on rent.


3D virtual apartment tours give the prospective tenant full access to view the house. It is like a walk-through of the apartment without actually physically going there. When in-person visits are not possible, landlords can offer virtual tours that are part of the online listing.


It is always a good idea to keep the apartment or the commercial space clean before you shoot the virtual tour. Try to conduct the tour during the day, as natural light is always a bonus.


3D virtual apartment tours and office building 3D tours can be as immersive and interactive as you like. Landlords should be available to answer any question that the prospective tenant may have.

Virtual apartment tours can be detailed and as personal as you wish. The technology allows tenants to get a very clear view of every nook and crevice of the apartment.

A successful 3D virtual apartment or 3D virtual office floor will also include 3D still photos of the apartment. These photos act as easy reckoners for the prospective tenant. They can also act as records for the current condition of the apartment before it is given out on rent.


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