KOI CBD – HHC GUMMIES – LIME – 10MG - 2 minutes read

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With only $39.99, get the Koi CBD- HHC Gummies -10 mg. Enjoy some lime niceness with your twenty gummies, each with 10 mg HHC per gummy. The CBD- HHC combination is best suited for the user who wants to use the gummies for medicinal reasons. HHC gummies have a psychoactive effect on the user. It should therefore be used cautiously to avoid side effects. The first-time user should take one gummy at a time and observe how their body reacts towards the gummy.

Most side effects are caused by overdosing, which can be prevented by using one gummy at a time. Some side effects are caused by using substandard CBD-HHC gummies, which are not a problem that Koi CBD- HHC Gummy users will encounter because they are a brand with a good reputation. A doctor’s prescription is not necessary when buying Koi CBD-HHC Gummies, but it is a helpful step toward buying HHC products that are good for your health. The side effects of CBD –HHC use include dry mouth, paranoia, headaches, stomachaches, and fatigue.

You may notice some symptoms after using the Koi CBD – HHC Gummies – Lime – 10 mg; reduce the dosage. However, if the symptoms persist, seek medical help.

Price:- $39.99