How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off - 11 Great Ways to Lose Weight And Keep It Off - 6 minutes read

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How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off - 11 Great Ways to Lose Weight And Keep It Off

The idea of how to lose weight and keep it off means you have to ready yourself and open your doors to make necessary changes in your life. If you are fat and obese, it is not easy to arrive at a decision to lose weight and maintain it. When you are used to eating what you like in every moment of the day, and you suddenly realize that you are getting bigger and bigger, it is so easy to say you will stop from such an appetite but it's so hard to do.

Losing weight and maintaining it is not an easy thing to do; it is a battle between your desire and your want to lose control. When you lose, it only indicates that you have chosen to be out of control in your eating, and just stop from exercising. So how many pounds did you lose? Nothing, even a single inch. However, when you won the fight after a long run, then you were able to conquer disruptions. As such, when you do things to lose weight, make sure to put up a good fight. Patience, determination, time management, and discipline are the most important factors to help you win it.

More so, as much as you want to achieve the desired result, failures will come at the least expected moment. It is normal that in every attempt at the weight loss plan, you fail. This is because your techniques and strategies maybe not be enough to make possible things happen. When one starts to engage in a healthy lifestyle for the purpose of losing weight and maintaining it, they always start with food deprivation. Again and again, food deprivation is a NO-NO. You will never lose weight when you do that, it will create imbalances in your body in such a way that your body cannot perform well in metabolizing fats and burning calories. Most failure is also attributed to a plateau in exercise, meaning, you are not increasing your sets and frequency even though you are almost 2 months doing the exercise. Other causes are related to the loss of control in the diet as you gave in to the temptation and indulge more, and so you feel discouraged when your break the rule. More failures are also caused by the loss of money, purchasing everything about fitness plan, yet nothing happened. Also, when you feel you have faulty socialization because of avoiding too much food, you give up. Lastly is the comparison of oneself to the other. When your friend lost 17 kilos in 1 month and you still are not losing weight, you feel discouraged and move out from those changes. You see, those causes will try to pull you down and stop you from getting what you want. However, when your heart and body is willing, whatever circumstances therein, you will find a way on how to lose weight and keep it off.

  1. Do not starve yourself. Do not keep in mind that starving will help you lose weight because it really WON'T. The more you starve yourself, the more fats are stored in your body because the fat-burning process is lowered due to the lack of nutrients that the body needs to function well. Again, no to starvation. Yes to nutritious foods.
  2. As much as possible, develop healthier eating habits. When you are used to eating more fats, more salt, and more processed foods, you better shift from the healthier. Eat low-fat, salt, sugar, high protein, fiber, and minimal carbohydrates. You have to get rid of deep-fried foods, and dwell more on lean meats that are best eaten when grilled. Avoid white foods, which are simple carbohydrates that can be converted into fats. These include pasta, white rice, and bread. When you want to eat snacks, you may do so, provided that you eat healthy, such as oatmeal cookies, nuts, sliced veggies, pickles, etc. When you want to consume milk daily, you may so do provided that it is low-fat.
  3. Drink more water daily instead of indulging into soft drinks. Drinking more water can help keep control of your appetite because it can make you feel full. Compare it with soft drinks, water has ZERO calories and is purely healthy.
  4. Divide 3 big meals into smaller meals, making you eat 5-6 meals daily. Eating smaller meals will help your feeling of hunger down, preventing overeating. The duration of each meal is usually 3 hours.
  5. This is also proven and has been testified by many. Don't go grocery shopping when you are very hungry. The tendency here is you are most likely to get without thinking, so you get high sugar foods, fatty snacks, and other tempting foods that can stimulate your appetite. As much as possible, go grocery shopping after a meal, it will not only prevent you from getting unhealthy foods, but it also helps you burn fat through walking.
  6. Keep a journal of what you consume daily. Doing this thing will help you identify and recognize your weak points, and once recognized, as much as possible, avoid them.
  7. Avoid eating while watching TV, driving, reading, studying, etc. Since you are doing two things at the same time, you are not really aware of what you put into your mouth, the last thing you know, you did consume everything. Also, eat foods that lengthen your meal such as boiled eggs that you still have to peel, and hot foods such as soup or freshly cooked dishes because you will still wait for it to be warm. In short, any healthy food that lengthens your meal is very good for weight loss because it lessens your appetite.
  8. For you to be motivated, set a goal with a time frame. Also, when you have an upcoming event to attend to, you are motivated to lose weight. These are very helpful to keep you on track. However, you must be realistic and specific with your goal to avoid frustrations.
  9. Get some exercise! Get some sweat! You can lose weight when you include exercise in your routine aside from your healthy diet. Do some cardio training, strength, and interval training to work your major muscles that burn more fats daily for at least 30 minutes. Having a daily exercise than being sedentary is totally different.
  10. Once you are in the process of reaching your desired weight, it is best to add a reward as a motivator. A reward may be in a form of a body massage, spa, hair treatment, etc.
  11. The success on how to lose weight and keeping it off will depend on how much you stood up after a fall. The secret to success in every weight loss is: Don't give up. There are people who are impatient to see the result and suddenly give up, or they are easily discouraged when there are no evidence of change. They have to know that losing weight has no short-cuts, the longer the wait, the long-term the result

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