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C32976707dcb28036c1f4ea777f1875b Kraig @Kraig - about 1 month ago

Deepfake technology: Can you spot what's real?

Deepfake technology: Can you spot what's real?Do you think you can tell the difference between real and fake videos you see online?Deepfakes are fake videos of others created using machine learning. BBC My World presenter Radzi Chinyanganya tries out the latest techniques...continued
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Aafc872a384e36f0c748991d0e7580c6 Minnie @Minnie - about 1 month ago

Mummy returns: Voice of 3,000-year-old Egyptian priest brought to life

Mummy returns: Voice of 3,000-year-old Egyptian priest brought to lifeScientists have fulfilled a mummified Egyptian priest's wish for life after death - by replicating his voice with artificial vocal cords.Nesyamun's voice has been reproduced as a vowel-like sound that i...continued
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147dc0c27c3cd291f5eab25bef76237a Americo @Americo - 5 days ago

CalTech scores massive $1.1B verdict against Apple and Broadcom in patent case

After a years-long legal battle, a judge ordered Apple and Broadcom to pay a combined $1.1 billion in a patent infringement case with the California Institute of Technology, Bloomberg reports. The report states that Apple was ordered to pay $837.8 million and Broadcom is ...continued
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40e54b9707df84c11f580308a13132cb Hulda @Hulda - 1 day ago

U.S. stock markets drop again as Goldman Sachs projects zero growth from coronavirus

U.S. stock markets are down again in early trading as coronavirus fears continue to hit economists forecasts for growth, and a number of technology companies began to note the impact of the outbreak in their trailing earnings and future results.The Dow Jones Industrial Av...continued
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Ac7d6ae4836b778c0e45d9f73deed0cb Delia @Delia - 6 days ago

Los Angeles-based ‘deep tech’ investment firm Riot Ventures is raising a $75M fund

Riot Ventures, the Los Angeles-based, early-stage and deep technology investment firm is going out to market to raise a $75 million second fund to finance the development of startups in LA and beyond, according to fundraising documents viewed by TechCrunch.The firm has la...continued
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E5a600388a4be6ed5b515081737d8445 Angus @Angus - 6 days ago

Loon and SoftBank’s HAPSMobile team with Airbus, China Telecom and more on stratospheric cell net...

A new industry alliance led by Alphabet’s Loon high-altitude balloon technology company and SoftBank’s HAPSMobile stratospheric glider subsidiary aims to work together on standards and tech related to deploying network connectivity using high-altitude delivery mechanisms....continued
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036a71cbab8d3106d8fc0389f9b4ef6f Eleanora @Eleanora - about 1 month ago

The Secret History of Facial Recognition

The Secret History of Facial RecognitionWoody Bledsoe was sitting in a wheelchair in his open garage, waiting. To anyone who had seen him even a few months earlier—anyone accustomed to greeting him on Sundays at the local Mormon church, or to spotting him around town on h...continued
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0a3d7829480267a63997ae3c91bb2ebe Adelia @Adelia - 4 days ago

Intuit confirms that it is buying Credit Karma for $7.1B in cash and stock

The week is kicking off with a major piece of M&A in the world of financial technology startups. Today Intuit — the accounting, tax filing and financial planning software giant behind QuickBooks, TurboTax and Mint, confirmed that it plans to acquire Credit Karma — the...continued
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Ed258c85465a50dee9e6425ecf24849d Wilmer @Wilmer - 5 days ago

Company-builder Antler passes $75M raised after investment from Schroders and Ferd

Antler is a “company builder” that emerged a couple of years ago, running startup generator programs and investing from an early stage, bringing a heady mix of technologists, product builders and operators together with its own technology stack.Now, plenty of “company bui...continued
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125f097c91a427394e6d36ae98c72376 Elaina @Elaina - 4 days ago

For investors, late-stage fintech startups are a lucrative bet

Hello and welcome back to our regular morning look at private companies, public markets and the gray space in between.Over the past three months, a number of financial events have occurred in the fintech and finservices world that have caught our eye. Between two rounds a...continued
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7094e9deddcf03241ed9894017ba09bc Rose @Rose - 7 days ago

Stanford’s Doggo quadrupedal robot and siblings Pupper and Woofer are coming to TC Sessions: Robo...

Animal-like, four-legged robots have been a crowd-pleaser since Boston Dynamics’ BigDog, and Stanford’s Doggo shows how the technology can be made open source, accessible and educational. Doggo’s creators will bring the diminutive robot, plus its smaller and larger siblin...continued
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C1e15b7459468dc79542fc656b7a9fa2 Madalyn @Madalyn - 14 days ago

Mammoth Biosciences aims to be Illumina for the gene editing generation

In 1998, the startup company Illumina launched a revolution in the life sciences industry by developing technology to slash the costs of identifying and mapping genetic material.Now, a little over 20 years later, Mammoth Biosciences is hoping to do the same thing for gene...continued
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1a914154cd263fa68f1b8d6529ef63dd Sandrine @Sandrine - 5 days ago

Karius raises $165 million for its liquid biopsy technology identifying diseases in a drop of blood

“What Karius is good at is identifying those novel microbes before they become an outbreak like coronavirus,” says Mickey Kertesz, a chief executive whose life sciences startup just hauled in $165 million in new funding.While the new money may have been raised under the l...continued
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A83b4d2292ad0135445fc0a7644d14c3 Joe @Joe - 7 days ago

Europe’s A/O PropTech is a new €250M fund dedicated to companies disrupting real estate

A/O PropTech is a new European VC officially launching today, after raising €250 million of so-called “permanent capital” to invest in technology companies disrupting real estate.It’s this “permanent” approach—seeing the firm structured more like a corporate with various ...continued
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62b830bbc5092803336a4f6bb9370281 Manley @Manley - 7 days ago

Dfinity launches an open source platform aimed at the social networking giants

When Dfinity raised $102 million in funding in 2018 at a $2 billion valuation in a round jointly led by Andreessen Horowitz and Polychain Capital, it was thought of as a step-change in the world of blockchain technology. In an area that was synonymous with generating a lo...continued
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24f317f89bef5f8cefa430eec1cd2f6d Nestor @Nestor - 13 days ago

Aiven raises $40M to democratize access to open source projects through managed cloud services

The growing ubiquity of open-source software has been a big theme in the evolution of enterprise IT. But behind that facade of popularity lies another kind of truth: Companies may be interested in using more open-source technology, but because there is a learning curve wi...continued
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A2a551348d8c100384339e6c21255e06 Abbie @Abbie - 6 days ago

Noom competitor OurPath rebrands as Second Nature, raises $10M Series A

Back in 2018, OurPath emerged as a startup in the U.K. tackling the problem of diabetes. The company helped customers fight the disease, and raised a $3 million round of funding by combining advice from health experts with tracking technology via a smartphone app to help ...continued
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10f64d8d0be1cc890068d55fc752e9ee Alexandro @Alexandro - 3 days ago

Molekule hopes to clear the air with $58 million in Series C funding and Berkeley Lab’s seal of a...

Silicon Valley air purifier startup Molekule was born out of an idea Dr. Yogi Goswami had back in the ’90s using photo-voltaic technology to kill air pollutants. His son, a young boy at the time, suffered from severe allergies and Dr. Goswami wanted to build something tho...continued
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C1e15b7459468dc79542fc656b7a9fa2 Madalyn @Madalyn - 3 days ago

New York’s BounceX reaches $100M ARR, rebrands

Welcome to the $100 million ARR club, BounceX.This morning (evening, timezone depending), BounceX, a New York-based marketing technology startup, announced that it has reached the $100 million annual recurring revenue (ARR) threshold, adding its name to our running list o...continued
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6ede9b368e706f8b5e5082140d4d45d9 Moises @Moises - 4 days ago

Samsung’s Galaxy S20 lineup is first to get USB certification for new fast charging tech

Samsung’s Galaxy S20 device lineup has become the first to receive USB certification for their support of the Programmable Power Supply (PPS) and USB Power Delivery (USB PD) 3.0 standards, the USB Implementers Forum announced today. It means that the phones should have no...continued
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24f317f89bef5f8cefa430eec1cd2f6d Nestor @Nestor - about 1 month ago

Giant jet engines aim to make our flying greener

Giant jet engines aim to make our flying greener"It's on another scale from anything I've seen before," says Lorna Carter who recently started working at a new Rolls-Royce research and development facility near Bristol.She works with giant robots which lay thousands of st...continued
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69ab36bf73ce82cc3579c8f2504f3bac Gregoria @Gregoria - 21 days ago

As platforms get better at detecting child abuse videos, they’re finding more of them

As platforms get better at detecting child abuse videos, they’re finding more of themMore than 41 million videos of child sexual abuse were reported to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in 2019, partly because the videos have become easier for technol...continued
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6ede9b368e706f8b5e5082140d4d45d9 Moises @Moises - 4 days ago

Amazon opens its first cashierless grocery store

Today Amazon is opening its first grocery store to pilot the use of the retailer’s cashierless “Just Walk Out” technology that has previously powered 25 Amazon Go convenience stores in a handful of major U.S. metros. Based in Amazon’s hometown of Seattle, the new Amazon G...continued
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1a914154cd263fa68f1b8d6529ef63dd Sandrine @Sandrine - 10 days ago

Dell sells RSA to consortium led by Symphony Technology Group for over $2B

Dell Technologies announced today that it was selling legacy security firm RSA for $2.075 billion to a consortium of investors led by Symphony Technology Group. Other investors include Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Board and AlpInvest Partners.RSA came to Dell when it bo...continued
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B1adb7ec7ad84fbf0007aae5b870eb61 Alan @Alan - 7 days ago

Alphabet’s Loon and SoftBank’s HAPSMobile turn solar-powered drones into flying cell towers

Alphabet-owned Loon, the company that had been focused on delivering internet communications to remote areas via stratospheric balloons, has completed development work on a new payload for partner HAPSMobile, a subsidiary of SoftBank that’s building high-altitude solar-po...continued
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