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0cefff9aac729a36835c46e07795e1e7 Mariano @Mariano - 11 days ago

In-space additive manufacturing startup Made In Space acquired by Redwire

One of the new space companies that has done the most for popularizing the idea of in-space manufacturing, including use of additive technologies like 3D printing on the International Space Station, has been acquired by Redwire, a newly formed entity created by a private ...continued
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0da67bf7aa16c0b7dda10df8b0c1a695 Alvah @Alvah - 5 days ago

Medtech assessor Elektra Labs is offering free evaluations of COVID-19 biosensors to doctors

As COVID-19 cases in the US continue to spike and doctors and researchers try to marshal any and all technological resources to help patients, understand the disease, and fight off the spread of the epidemic, one startup that monitors and evaluates medical device technolo...continued
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Eb0f1753654cff1630386503eeba7c5d Bobby @Bobby - 4 days ago

Kong donates its Kuma control plane to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation

API management platform Kong today announced that it is donating its open-source Kuma control plane technology to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). Since Kong built Kuma on top of the Envoy service mesh — and Envoy is part of the CNCF’s stable of open-source p...continued
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29d678841773a96cd144675798d50e70 Maida @Maida - 16 days ago

Freedom launches Pilot to simplify teleoperation on third-party robots

We knew remotely operated robotics were going to have their moment soon enough — but few predicted how much the category would be forced to accelerate in 2020. It’s true that many of the pieces were already in place, including the technology and the desire to innovate, bu...continued
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Ed258c85465a50dee9e6425ecf24849d Wilmer @Wilmer - 20 days ago

Why conspiracy theorists think 5G is bad for your health and why experts say not to worry

New York (CNN Business) For all its promise, the rollout of 5G has also been fraught with rumors and conspiracy theories — most recently, a narrative spread on social media that the wireless network technology fueled the coronavirus pandemic.It did not.While baseless, the...continued
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61d3ff630fa6a556085f59f9ba20938e Assunta @Assunta - 14 days ago

BMW and Mercedes call it quits on their self-driving car partnership

After less than a year, BMW and Mercedes are ending what was supposed to be an ongoing partnership to develop automated driving technology. The two automakers described the split as "mutual and amicable." They were also quick to note they may renew the partnership in the ...continued
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24490084fc6f12363038e6f513dd8ace Myles @Myles - 4 days ago

U.S. suspends export of sensitive tech to Hong Kong as China passes new national security law

The United States government began measures today to end its special status with Hong Kong, one month after Secretary of State Michael Pompeo told Congress that Hong Kong should no longer be considered autonomous from China. The new actions include suspending export licen...continued
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25dc49998970e9ad413d98493dfe5d6c Teagan @Teagan - 14 days ago

Hulu will stream IMAX’s gorgeous documentaries, but not in 4K

Hulu is partnering with IMAX to exclusively carry 16 of the technology company’s documentaries in the United States, including A Beautiful Planet, Destiny in Space, and Into the Deep — but none of the titles will be available in 4K.A spokesperson for IMAX tells The Verge ...continued
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498be12662c1d913d0cbee6108a66520 Torey @Torey - 10 days ago

Mercedes-Benz, Nvidia partner to bring ‘software defined’ vehicles to market in 2024

Dig into the guts of a 2020 Mercedes-Benz — or just about any modern luxury vehicle — and dozens of electronic control units (ECU) will appear. Traditional automakers have historically added ECUs as they have added more technology, a practice that has introduced complexit...continued
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62b830bbc5092803336a4f6bb9370281 Manley @Manley - 4 days ago

Detroit Police Chief Admits Face Recognition Doesn't Work '95-97% of the Time'

The Chief of Detroit Police James Craig speaks with the press about the protests taking place in Detroit, Michigan, June 3,2020 Photo : Seth Herald ( Getty Images )During a public meeting on Monday, Detroit Police Chief James Craig estimated the facial recognition technol...continued
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3917a54ef2e71f0b2d57dd0d63e0f2fb Cameron @Cameron - 8 days ago

Amazon launches ‘Smart Stores’ in India to win mom and pop

For Amazon, it’s never too late to try something in India. The e-commerce giant is exploring ways to further spread its tentacles in the largely offline, technology-free neighborhood stores in one of its key overseas markets.The American firm’s latest attempt is called “S...continued
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3830cba028d7333d81fee686fab573c8 Kari @Kari - 14 days ago

BMW, Mercedes Benz end ‘long term’ automated driving alliance, for now

BMW Group and Mercedes-Benz AG have punted on what was meant to be a long term collaboration to develop next-generation automated driving technology together, less than a year after announcing the agreement.The German automakers called the break up “mutual and amicable” a...continued
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6b970372434ca9c9def5abb121107916 Rex @Rex - 9 days ago

Google to offer loans to merchants in India

Google said on Thursday it plans to offer credit to millions of merchants in India through its Google Pay app starting later this year as the American technology group looks to help small businesses in the country steer through the pandemic and also find a business model ...continued
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1bd665cfdc2ebddfa4e39c96971aafdf Elian @Elian - 30 days ago

Sony’s unannounced 1000XM4 headphones leak in full with minor, but welcome, changes

Sony’s unannounced WH-1000XM4 noise-canceling headphones have leaked in full thanks to a new listing on Walmart’s website that reveals basically everything else there is to know about the refreshed headphones. This includes new AI features to enhance compressed music, the...continued
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7094e9deddcf03241ed9894017ba09bc Rose @Rose - 12 days ago

Cities are wrestling with a potential new exodus in the COVID-19 era, but Urban-X still believes ...

Cities are wrestling with a potential new exodus in the COVID-19 era, but Urban-X still believes in their futureEmbodying the tensions that cities across the world face as they wrestle with controlling a pandemic in dense, urban environments, Urban-X, the accelerator for ...continued
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3830cba028d7333d81fee686fab573c8 Kari @Kari - 11 days ago

Lyft is using data from its ride-share drivers to develop self-driving cars

Lyft is using data from its ride-share drivers to develop self-driving carsLyft is using data collected from drivers on its ride-hailing app to accelerate the development of self-driving cars.Lyft’s Level 5 self-driving car program is using the data to build 3D maps, unde...continued
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39b1531710d6d8cc8cd7a9a0bb2d9867 Ryleigh @Ryleigh - 1 day ago

Google brings its AI-powered SmartReply feature to YouTube

Google’s SmartReply, the four-year-old, A.I.-based technology that helps suggest responses to messages in Gmail, Android’s Messages, Play Developer Console and elsewhere, is now being made available to YouTube Creators. Google announced today the launch of an updated vers...continued
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24490084fc6f12363038e6f513dd8ace Myles @Myles - 16 days ago

Despite pandemic setbacks, the clean energy future is underway

The economic lockdown resulting from the coronavirus pandemic has had an immediate negative impact on renewable energy projects and electric vehicles sales, but the sustainable trends are still in place and may even be strengthened over the longer term.For the first time ...continued
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Eaf5ad4012b7eb20009963fdaea7d2c9 Cynthia @Cynthia - 9 days ago

Police Wrongly Arrested a Black Man Using Racist Facial Recognition Technology

Image : Bill Pugliano ( Getty )In a spectacularly rare admission of likely very common fuckery, police copped to using face recognition to make a wrongful arrest, according to the ACLU, confirming a long-suspected but nearly-impossible-to-prove practice. On Wednesday, the...continued
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0a3d7829480267a63997ae3c91bb2ebe Adelia @Adelia - 19 days ago

VESoft raises $8M to meet China’s growing need for graph databases

Sherman Ye founded VESoft in 2018 when he saw a growing demand for graph databases in China. Its predecessors, like Neo4j and TigerGraph, had already been growing aggressively in the West for a few years, while China was just getting to know the technology that leverages ...continued
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0cefff9aac729a36835c46e07795e1e7 Mariano @Mariano - about 18 hours ago

Uber adds another independent director to its board: Flex CEO Revathi Advaithi

Uber has a new, independent board member, shows a new SEC filing: CEO Revathi Advaithi of 51-year-old Flex, which is among the world’s largest electronic manufacturers and competes against Taiwan’s Foxconn Technology.Advaithi, a mechanical engineer who grew up in India wi...continued
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B32a14d6694cf7df7a187f69ad01ace5 Patrick @Patrick - 12 days ago

Telegram pledges to make anti-censorship tools for Iran and China

The encrypted instant messenger Telegram said on Monday it’s ramping up efforts to develop anti-censorship technologies serving users in countries where it is banned or partially blocked, including China and Iran.“Over the course of the last two years, we had to regularly...continued
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498be12662c1d913d0cbee6108a66520 Torey @Torey - 5 days ago

Disney's Developed Movie-Quality Face-Swapping Technology That Promises to Change Filmmaking

Gif : Disney Research Studios ( YouTubeIn a few short years, neural-network- powered automated face swaps have gone from being mildly convincing to eerily believable. But through new research from Disney, neural face- swapping is poised to become a legitimate and high- qu...continued
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24f317f89bef5f8cefa430eec1cd2f6d Nestor @Nestor - 7 days ago

Who really benefits from reskilling?

Nearly 40 million Americans are unemployed, and a recent study that examined more than 66,000 tech job layoffs found that sales and customer success roles are most vulnerable amid COVID-19. In response, some quarters of Silicon Valley are abuzz about a long-standing techn...continued
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C1e15b7459468dc79542fc656b7a9fa2 Madalyn @Madalyn - 9 days ago

Hopin raises $40M Series A as its virtual events business accelerates

This morning Hopin, a London-based startup building virtual events technology, announced that it has raised a $40 million Series A led by IVP. According to the company, Salesforce’s corporate venture arm Salesforce Ventures also took part in the round, as did a number of ...continued
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