Should Baseball Teams Use Technology to Stop Sign-Stealing? - 1 minute read

Professional baseball has a dirty secret, according to the New York Times. While a catcher may secretly signal for certain pitches using their fingers, "Multiple managers say there are clubs who use a dozen or more staff members to study video and swipe signs ."But should that practice be stopped with technology?That comment was called "a little naive" and "a bit hypocritical" by a relief pitcher in Seattle, who also had this to say about Scherzer. "I have a very good feeling that he's been on a team or two that steals signs."For now, electronic pitch-signalling remains optional — and yet has been adopted by every one of the 30 teams in Major League Baseball, the article points out (attributing this to "a leaguewide paranoia".) And the League's executive vice president for baseball operations points out a second advantage.Since catchers don't need to run through a long series of decoy signals, "It has actually sped the game up a little bit."


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