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As you may have heard, we’re taking our entire events lineup fully virtual in 2020. This is of course in response to COVID-19. We’re working hard to make sure that, despite limitations, this year’s events will be some of the best we’ve ever produced. To make that happen, we’re partnering with virtual event masterminds like Bizzabo and Grip to bring our vision to life.

Now, we’re sure you have many questions on how it will all work. To answer your questions, we’ll be hosting an Ask-Me-Anything series where we cover everything from what the attendee experience will look like, sponsorship opportunities, the technology stack that will be powering it all and more.

In this series, we’ll interview the founders that built our event platforms as well as a few event experts who have had virtual event experience. We’ll ask them to share their POV on virtual events as well as how they will work for TechCrunch in the coming months.

Register for one (or all) of the following AMAs now:

7/24: Joey Hinson

Joey Hinson, the Director of Operations at TechCrunch, will take you through the platform that we assembled for Disrupt, Mobility and Space. In this AMA, you’ll have the chance to see the virtual venue, how virtual networking works and what the end to end experience will look like at our upcoming events. If you’re thinking about attending, sponsoring or you’re an event geek, this AMA is for you.

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7/28: Bizzabo CMO Alon Alroy on the future of Virtual Events

We’ll interview Alon Alroy from Bizzabo, the registration platform behind TechCrunch events. We will discuss the future of virtual events and what Bizzabo has in store for the next chapter of event technology. Registered attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions via Slido.

7/30: Grip CEO/co-founder Tim Groot on Virtual Event networking

Tim Groot, the founder of virtual networking solution Grip, will dig into how TechCrunch’s virtual networking platform, CrunchMatch will be brought to life, what networking looks like when taken fully virtual and how to integrate if you’re a partner. Registered attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions via Slido.

Source: TechCrunch

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