Elon Musk hints that his next move could be making an X phone - 2 minutes read

Elon Musk is weighing the idea of building an X phone amid his threats to ban iPhones and other Apple devices from his companies.

On Monday, an X user tweeted his prediction that Musk would create an X phone, which Musk replied was a possibility. He owns the social media platform formerly known as Twitter.

"Calling it now," the user wrote. "X will partner with Samsung to manufacture an X phone."

"It is not out of the question," Musk responded in a tweet on Tuesday.

A day prior, Musk had threatened to ban the use of Apple devices across his companies if the tech giant went through with plans it announced at WWDC to integrate OpenAI's technology into its software.

Apple had said it'd partner with OpenAI to give users the option to integrate ChatGPT into Siri, as well as iOS 18, iPad OS 18, and macOS Sequoia later this year.

Musk called the integration "an unacceptable security violation" and said if it went through, visitors to his companies "will have to check their Apple devices at the door, where they will be stored in a Faraday cage," referring to a container that blocks some electromagnetic radiation.

Though Musk cofounded OpenAI along with CEO Sam Altman and others in 2015, he's been a vocal critic of the ChatGPT maker since stepping down from its board in 2018.

Source: Business Insider

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