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B32a14d6694cf7df7a187f69ad01ace5 Patrick @Patrick - about 4 years ago
Science-Backed Strategies for Happiness (From The Happiness Lab)
Child: Welcome to my Mommy’s podcast.This episode is sponsored by UpSpring Baby, a company making innovative science-backed products for moms and babies. And I want to tell you about one of their products in particular because even though I’m not even currently pregnant o...continued
Happiness lab
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Doug Evans on Growing Sprouts in Your Kitchen | Wellness Mama
Child: Welcome to my Mommy’s podcast.This episode is sponsored by Beekeeper’s Naturals, which is my go-to source for all things bee-related. If you’re not familiar with them, they’re an amazing company. They make clean remedies that really work and that my whole family lo...continued
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Grain-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe | Wellness Mama
Grain-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe | Wellness Mama May 5, 2020  —  by Katie WellsReading Time: 3 minThis post contains affiliate links. Click here to read my affiliate policy.Table of Contents[Hide][Show]Every once in awhile, there is a foo...continued
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0cefff9aac729a36835c46e07795e1e7 Mariano @Mariano - almost 5 years ago
Mood Neurons Mature During Adolescence
Mood Neurons Mature During AdolescenceResearchers have discovered a mysterious group of neurons in the amygdala – a key center for emotional processing in the brain – that stay in an immature, prenatal developmental state throughout childhood. Most of these cells mature r...continued
Mood neurons mature during adolescence
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96d2c0ccb7cce03f75db3297b9a8af04 Iva @Iva - about 4 years ago
Bee-Friendly Plants for Your Yard or Garden | Wellness Mama
Bee-Friendly Plants for Your Yard or Garden | Wellness Mama May 6, 2020  —  by Katie WellsReading Time: 5 minThis post contains affiliate links. Click here to read my affiliate policy.Table of Contents[Hide][Show]What would happen if one day 80% ...continued
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10f64d8d0be1cc890068d55fc752e9ee Alexandro @Alexandro - almost 5 years ago
The Movement to Expand Medicaid in Southern States Is Growing
The Movement to Expand Medicaid in Southern States Is GrowingNorth Carolina activists held22 simultaneous vigilsacross the state earlier this month to remember the thousands of people who have suffered and died in the state for lack of health care and to call on Democrati...continued
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Da22e3d6f8549192c3eca95f63ffdcdc Elody @Elody - almost 5 years ago
Mike Pence Blames Unsanitary Border Conditions on 'Overwhelmed' DHS, Democrats Not Funding Resources
Mike Pence Blames Unsanitary Border Conditions on 'Overwhelmed' DHS, Democrats Not Funding ResourcesVice President Mike Pence said reports of horrendous conditions at the U.S. southern border were a result of the Department of Homeland Security being "overwhelmed" and Dem...continued
Mike pence cnn border conditions
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6b970372434ca9c9def5abb121107916 Rex @Rex - over 3 years ago
Post-self-care when diagnosed with hypertension – Credihealth Blog
One in five young adults suffers from a high BP problem, making it the most common chronic diseases we Indians face. Though it doesn’t affect your health severely in the early stage, it can become critical if not treated timely. Moreover, it can even lead to other complic...continued
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A6c0c46e61817f7ae594dd513e06b21d Elliott @Elliott - almost 4 years ago
CBD For Inflammation: What We Know So Far - Credihealth Blog
Inflammation is the body’s natural response to ridding itself of harmful cells and pathogens. It’s a protective measure taken by the body against initial damages suffered by the immune system. Inflammation can become so irritating and painful at times to the point that yo...continued
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3830cba028d7333d81fee686fab573c8 Kari @Kari - about 4 years ago
Mental Health During Coronavirus & Government Initiative - Credihealth Blog
The topic of Mental Health has become a critical outcome of the COVID-19 outbreak around the world. With this extended span of Social Distancing and Self Quarantine, people are keeping themselves amused by connecting with each other virtually. However, it is easy to forg...continued
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7094e9deddcf03241ed9894017ba09bc Rose @Rose - almost 5 years ago
Wrong body part removed from cancer patient at Sydney hospital
Wrong body part removed from cancer patient at Sydney hospitalA cancer patient has had the wrong side of his bowel removed at Northern Beaches Hospital (NBH) in Sydney, Australia after a private-contracted laboratory botched his pathology results.The male patient was unde...continued
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C00261b321f2a17e788496ab5cfcebed Jaydon @Jaydon - almost 5 years ago
Chupacabra Blamed for Strange Cattle Mutilations in Argentina
Chupacabra Blamed for Strange Cattle Mutilations in Argentina“Blame it on the Chupacabra” sounds like it could be the title of a country western song (note to self: dust off guitar and call agent) but it’s more likely to be the lament of farmers – particularly in Puerto R...continued
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222d8c41bd81f4a6d7b47e2341f0ffca Jarod @Jarod - almost 4 years ago
Troubles With Translation, Interpretation, and TeleHealth in Rural India - Credihealth Blog
The telehealth and telemedicine industries have seen a major increase most notably since the global Covid-19 pandemic. Though the telehealth and telemedicine industries have seen many advances, they are still facing challenges in terms of being made more readily available...continued
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3830cba028d7333d81fee686fab573c8 Kari @Kari - over 3 years ago
Gut bacteria: how they affect our brain and mood – Credihealth Blog
Intestinal bacteria influence people’s mood in many ways. The tiny microbes in your intestines take care of your metabolism, your digestion and even affect your mood and mood.Your gut is inhabited by billions of bacteria. They sit in the mucous membranes of your intestina...continued
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Efd687c46d03677522c615b86a341217 Emmie @Emmie - over 3 years ago
10 Amazing Facts About Magic Truffles - Credihealth Blog
Magic mushrooms are a type of fungi that contains psychoactive compounds like psilocybin and psilocin. The roots of the magic mushrooms are known as magic truffles. Also known as the philosophers stone, magic truffles are dense, hard nodules that form on a fungus’s myceli...continued
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B1adb7ec7ad84fbf0007aae5b870eb61 Alan @Alan - almost 4 years ago
Home Remedies for Excessive and Foul Smelling Gas - Credihealth Blog
Passing gas is no pleasant experience. Dealing with gas problems is annoying and embarrassing, especially when these problems arise so often. No one wants to take a trip to the doctor just because they have a few gas issues. Luckily, several home remedies can diminish or ...continued
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3c59b35923f7f5e6a11c533088a15138 Jessika @Jessika - almost 5 years ago
Plant-based diet leads to Crohn’s Disease remission, according to case study
Plant-based diet leads to Crohn's Disease remission, according to case studyEating a plant-based diet may be an effective treatment for Crohn’s disease, according to a case study published in the journal Nutrients.The case study followed a man in his late 20s who had been...continued
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4ba92fd4f83e9c9a7ca5adc99fdac416 teebokay50 @teebokay50 - almost 3 years ago
Lose Weight Permanently Without Dieting
How To Lose Weight And Keep Fat Off Forever Without Strict DietHow many times have you heard a friend say, “I am on a diet”? Then what happens is your friend would lose some weight for a while before putting them all back on again.I’ll bet you have also seen someone say t...continued
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Abe69d7aacc9c6d89b2d1ff5e9ac6ef4 Hank @Hank - over 3 years ago
Signs of Hair Loss and How to Take Care of That - Credihealth Blog
What is hair? – understanding the basics In humans, hair grows everywhere on the skin except palms and soles. Hair is basically made up of proteins (88%). These proteins are of a hard and fibrous type found in the outer layers of the skin known as keratin. As the follicle...continued
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30ac4bba47a0498502bf602bad16409a Meggie @Meggie - almost 4 years ago
Most Popular Medical Care Options for Students - Credihealth Blog
The ratification of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or commonly known as Obamacare in 2010, made millions of Americas get access to reasonable health cover. The political environment has since transformed, prompting sweeping changes to the program in the United States today...continued
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39b1531710d6d8cc8cd7a9a0bb2d9867 Ryleigh @Ryleigh - over 3 years ago
8 signs someone is seriously depressed - Credihealth Blog
In some people, depression symptoms can be seen on the outside, while on others, it might be as noticeable. Anyone suffering from hidden depression could be struggling with many issues and feelings of inner sadness, fatigue, and lethargy while trying their hardest not to ...continued
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125f097c91a427394e6d36ae98c72376 Elaina @Elaina - over 3 years ago
#LadiesAndBabies: PREGNANCY WITH DIABETES - Credihealth Blog
As joyous starting a family and conceiving a baby is, it also requires considerate pre-planning and appropriate care in order to ensure the optimal health of the offspring as well as the mother. If you have diabetes and are planning to conceive, there are certain boxes in...continued
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3830cba028d7333d81fee686fab573c8 Kari @Kari - almost 4 years ago
5 Home Care Tips When Taking Care of Elders with Dementia - Credihealth Blog
It can be confusing to know how to best take care of your loved one with dementia. There are plenty of resources available to make it easier to care for an elder with dementia, but not all of them are right for your situation. This is especially true if you are going to p...continued
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B1adb7ec7ad84fbf0007aae5b870eb61 Alan @Alan - about 4 years ago
Staying Calm & At Home Are Key Asserts To Fight Coronavirus Advise By Dr Sushila Kataria, Medanta...
With the rapid increase in the number of Coronavirus infected individuals in India, there is an immediate need to adapt to social distancing and maintaining hygiene. To understand more on how the doctors and hospitals are handling the virus, and what one should do during ...continued
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3830cba028d7333d81fee686fab573c8 Kari @Kari - over 3 years ago
#KnowIVF Myths and Facts about Infertility Treatments – Credihealth Blog
In a 2018 study, it was identified that over 10% -14% of Indian Couples experience infertility. The ability to not conceive, or conceive but miscarry, can be extremely difficult and heartbreaking. Over 27.5 lakh couples who are trying to conceive suffer from infertility. ...continued
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