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what is gaia yoga ? click here for more

Gaia Flow Yoga is an innovative, intuitive, and unique blend of three traditional schools of yoga linked together with vinyasa flow – Hatha (union of opposites), Raja (contemplative) and Bhakti (devotional).click here for more

The fundamental structure of Gaia Flow Yoga is symbolically modeled after and grounded in the natural movement, flow and structure of the Earth (Gaia) and Nature.  The intrinsic quality of Nature is peace and power and flow. These three qualities are the foundation and core of Gaia Flow Yoga.  Deeply rooted in ancient yogic philosophy and wisdom, yet unique in its modern expression, structure and utilization of conscious language and breath to move through resistance (on our yoga mat and in our lives) with kindness, compassion and the unwavering strength of unconditional love .

The complete Gaia Flow Yoga series consists of a three complementary and overlapping practices: Ocean (Cardiovascular training and Vigorous Flow), Mountain (Power and discipline), and Dessert (Detox and Heart Opening). Individually each of these practices are powerful in their right and serve a particular purpose, but the unique structure of the complete comprehensive 3- part Gaia Flow Yoga series when practiced consistently together is powerful as well as here for more

Gaia Flow Yoga is about much more than twisting your body into a pretzel or chanting OM. The potent power of this love-based practice unfolds on the yoga mat as well as spilling over into everyday life. As we move through entrenched habits of resistance, hurt, and pain, life naturally flows freer. The unlocked pranic energy (life-force) is experienced as a lightness of being, an abundance of energy and more joy in our lives.

The heart of Gaia Flow Yoga is a whole way of being that promotes healing, empowerment and enlightenment both on and off the yoga mat. Peace, serenity and a true strength rooted in kindness, compassion and unconditional love is not limited only to mountaintop Eastern ascetics who choose to give up their worldly ties, but is equally available to the busy Western here for more

It is not surprising there is so much suffering in a seemingly cold unfeeling world where the word love is often shunned as silly, weak and/or inappropriate. Gaia Flow Yoga offers an opportunity for the modern practitioner to find a more powerful and harmonious way of living. Students are empowered to balance their body, open their heart, expand their mind, discover and live their personal truth, set a strong disciplined intention for their life, surrender all struggle and make a conscious choice for peace and serenity that is unshakably grounded in kindness, compassion and the unwavering strength of unconditional love.

Many have asked after experiencing Gaia Flow Yoga, what is the secret that makes the Gaia Flow Yoga practice so empowering, healing and transformative both on and off the yoga mat. The answer is simple, the secret of Gaia Flow Yoga is that there is no secret. Whatever the question, the problem, the struggle, the circumstance, the condition–beyond all the chatter of the mind–Love is the here for more

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