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Are you feeling sluggish and uninspired these days? Maybe you are looking for something to fill the gaps in your day between work and leisure. Perhaps your mind is going a mile a minute and you are looking for something to direct your anxious energy elsewhere. Whatever the reason, did you know that arts and crafts can boost your mental health?

That’s right, arts and crafts have been proven to boost mental health in a positive way and also give you an outlet for channeling your creative energy. The act itself of the arts and crafts is soothing to the mind for various reasons which will be explored in deeper detail below. Depending on the arts and craft project, the repetition can calm negative and anxious thoughts.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at how arts and crafts can boost your mental health and find out some of these projects that will do just that.

The Boosts to Mental Health

Numerous studies, both in a clinical and non-clinical setting have shown the positive effects that doing arts and crafts can have on mental health. Some of the findings include but are not limited to:

Reduction in stress levels

Arts and crafts tend to use both physical and creative energy, allowing it to become an outlet for stress. More intense physical arts and crafts could include wood burning, chainsaw carvings, etc.

Soothes anxious thoughts

The sheer amount of repetition when it comes to the majority of arts and crafts projects can soothe anxiety in most people.

Increases brain activity

Arts and crafts are the type of projects that require the use of your brain to its fullest potential. Whether it be from completing the steps of the project or creating your own project, your brain is getting a workout and your mental health will definitely benefit from that.

Boosts self-esteem through feelings of accomplishment

The feeling of accomplishment you will get when you finish an arts and crafts project is extremely beneficial to mental health. You have solid proof in your hands of your creation and it increases your self-esteem to know that, yes you are capable, yes you can do this, and yes you are the one who accomplished this task.

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Arts and Crafts for Boosting Mental Health

The range of arts and crafts that can be completed in the comfort of your own home is overwhelming and endless. But there are some arts and crafts that are more suited for mental health boosters than others, so let’s take a look at them:

Knitting, Crocheting, Needlepoint, and Sewing

Any type of arts and crafts that involves using yarn, wool, or thread (and other materials) with a needle to create viable works of art can positively boost your mental health. For example, the feeling of accomplishment you get when you complete a knitted scarf or pair of socks is indescribable.

Not only did you create something with your own two hands, it’s a practical something that can be used by yourself or a member of your family. The repetition of these types of arts and crafts can be extremely soothing to the mind and there are step-by-step instructions available if you need them to ease anxious feelings of “I can’t do this”.

Wood burning

There is something about the craft of wood burning that just eases the mind. You get the opportunity to reduce stress and tension by taking it out on the wood, you have the opportunity to soothe your mind by watching your visions for art become reality, and you have the opportunity to truly accomplish a new skill that you have set out to do. If you are going to look at wood burning as your next arts and craft project, you want to use reliable equipment that will make the process smoother.

Adult Coloring Books

That’s right, coloring books are not just for children anymore. You can now purchase adult coloring books that are a little more intense and have finer details in the pictures than the children’s version. Adult coloring books not only soothe the anxious thoughts and feelings in your body due to the repetition, it also gives you an outlet for extra energy. Who made the rule that the sky has to be blue in a colored picture? No one did – so push the boundaries on your quest of creating art.


You don’t have to be an established artist or even a long-term practitioner of arts and crafts to embrace the mental health benefits. You only need creative energy, the time to work on your project, and the spirit of anything goes when it comes to starting out with arts and crafts.

Struggling to make sense of a project, such as needlepoint or knitting? Pop online to the numerous forums that are available for beginners and watch video tutorials or if you prefer, read step-by-step on how to complete a project. The important part is to never give up and instead give it your all. That is how arts and crafts boost mental health in the most positive way – by creating a feeling of accomplishment in the person. Your final project might not look like the picture if you are a beginner, but you tried and completed it.

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