50 Zero Waste Products for your Package Free Business - 12 minutes read

50 Zero Waste Products for your Package Free Business

Zero waste products have become popular. Because businesses have grown increasingly conscious of the impact they can have on the environment. The products you choose to sell, the packaging you use and the vendors you work with make a major impact on your carbon footprint. But you can find ways to run a store or business in a more sustainable way.

If you own a business and want to keep packaging and waste at a minimum, here are some of the wholesale zero waste products that you might consider offering. There are plenty of options, from kitchen utensils to baby products and even office supplies.

Plastic straws hurt the environment. Consider reusable options instead.  For example, these from Zero Waste Cartel offer a more sustainable option.

Help your customers enjoy their coffee and tea without creating unnecessary waste. For example, offer this reusable Keep Cup made from tempered glass and reclaimed cork.

For a reusable water bottle option, Klean Kanteen offers a variety of products that you can sell as-is or with custom logos.

Glass jars also make for perfect reusable drinking vessels. This set of jars with stainless tops and reusable straws come from EcoJarz.

To-Go Ware sells these reusable utensils made from sustainable bamboo. And the company packages them in reusable bags. As a result, they make perfect products for houseware shops, outdoor venues and gift shops.

This product from Life Without Plastic can work for campers, office workers who bring lunches or even students. It’s perfect for a shop that sells eco-friendly gifts, camping gear or kitchen products.

These plates from Clean Planetware are made with BPA-free stainless steel and come with no packaging that will end up in a landfill.

Another perfect option for kitchen retailers, these stainless steel spoons are long and thin, so they can fit into large jars. They’re sold on a wholesale basis by EcoJarz.

Instead of selling paper napkins that will just end up in the trash, offer these reusable cloth napkins from Ambatalia that only use recyclable shipping and promotional materials.

This is a reusable produce bag that customers can use to carry their groceries. If you own a food or kitchen supply store with a package free tilt, this could be a popular solution from Life Without Plastic.

These wholesale options from Eco Bags also provide an option for sustainable grocery stores or retailers. They come in a variety of colors and styles as well.

Also from Eco Bags, these printed bags provide a slightly more stylish option. So they could work for grocery stores, retail stores or gift shops.

From Ambatalia, these cotton bento bags are designed to help people carry lunches or other small food items. The company offers wholesale options for sustainable retailers around the country.

For liquor stores, artisan wine shops or grocery stores, these cotton wine bags from Eco Bags can be custom printed and eliminate the disposable bags often used for packaging.

This lunch box from Clean Planetware features a stainless steel construction. As a result, it provides a useful alternative to paper bags and other disposable options for lunches and meal planning.

Another option for a kitchen supply business, this stainless steel airtight container from Life Without Plastic can work for serving or transporting various dishes.

Do you run a home and kitchen store? Then check out these dishcloths from Plastic Phobia. Manufacturers use sustainable bamboo for this product. And it comes without extra packaging material.

Kitchen supply stores can also offer this fabric apron made from reusable materials from Ambatalia.

For retailers that sell clothing and accessories, Cate & Levi offers these outdoor fleece beanies made from sustainable materials.

Econscious offers a wide array of wholesale t-shirts for both men and women. The company says the shirts are made sustainably with organic cotton.

For more fashion forward boutiques, you can offer sustainably produced clothing like this screen printed wrap dress from Soul Flower.

Soul Flower also offers accessories like these wood earrings that are made from tropical hardwoods. The company also re-uses packaging and shipping products it receives from vendors so as not to create new waste.

These reusable bags from ChicoBags could be a solid product option for everyone from fashion retailers to grocery stores. They come with minimal packaging and cut down on the need for disposable shopping bags.

For fashion and accessories retailers, these woven bags from Eco Bags offer a sustainable alternative to traditional purses.

Clothing and shoe retailers, as well as lifestyle companies like travel gift shops and yoga studios, can offer these Fair Trade and sustainably produced flip flops from Feelgoodz.

If you have a store that sells household goods, Unpackaged sells wholesale household cleaning products that are made without excess packaging and with eco-friendly ingredients.

Stores that offer household supplies may also be interested in this reusable soap dispenser that’s made from glass and stainless steel, from EcoJarz.

These yellow sea sponges from Ambatalia offer an alternative for personal care or household use. They require no packaging. And they feature sustainable materials in their construction.

The Skoy cloth is a reusable product that can help customers cut down on their use of paper towels. The company has a wholesale program for its various zero waste products and uses sustainable materials and manufacturing practices, including minimal packaging.

These scrubbers from Clean Planetware provide an alternative to loofahs and sponges. Otherwise these end up in landfills. The company sources the materials for these scrubbers from a single, sustainable farm.

Another option for a shop that sells household essentials, these toothpaste tablets from Denttabs provide an option for keeping teeth clean without the traditional toothpaste packaging.

To go along with those toothpaste tabs, your shop can also sell these bamboo toothbrushes from Zero Waste Cartel.

Zero Waste Cartel also offers these package-free bamboo toothbrush cases made of the same sustainable materials — perfect for travelers.

This shampoo bar from Friendly Soap is an option for bath and body shops that want to provide shampoo without the plastic bottle.

This natural dry shampoo from Soap & Salve is available to select retail stores and salons that sell personal care products, mainly in Ohio and the Midwest.

Soap & Salve also offers a natural deodorant in a variety of scents. The product is made using natural ingredients and minimal packaging made from recycled materials.

Stores that sell personal care items or even natural health stores could offer these organic healing salves from Soap & Salve. They offer a variety of zero waste products for different purposes.

For beauty supply stores or healthy living stores, these hair brushes from Ambatalia ship without plastic and are made with sustainable wood material.

Lunapads are washable feminine hygiene products that allow consumers to cut down on the waste created by disposable products. They’re available on a wholesale basis to qualified distributors.

Want to make your spa, salon or sustainable beauty store more green? Then try these spa bags from Eco Bags made from organic cotton. They can even be custom printed with your logo or another message. But retailers can also use it to fill with promotion products for trade shows or special events.

For gift shops or stores that sell personal care products for men, this shaving brush from Soap & Salve is made from natural olive wood and includes recycled packing and shipping materials.

You can also include this shaving bowl made from sustainable Indian rosewood. It’s also from Soap & Salve.

These slippers from Cate & Levi are made from reclaimed wool and offered on a wholesale basis to retailers who sell eco-friendly kids’ products.

Another option for a kids’ retailer, Cate & Levi offers a wide array of wholesale puppets made out of recycled materials.

For stores that offer baby products, this hooded baby towel from Soap & Salve is made from organic cotton and contains minimal packaging.

Pura offers a variety of baby bottles made with stainless steel and non-toxic ingredients. These plastic free bottles reduce the need for disposable and non-recyclable products.

Clean Planetware sells these bags made with recycled water bottles. As a result, you’ll find them perfect for garden supply stores.

This product contains plastic, one of the few zero waste products that do. But Clean Planetware, which sells it, says it’s made from non-toxic materials. And it comes with very little packaging. As a result, it allows gardening customers to grow their own food and herbs at home — and reuse the product many times.

You may run an office supply store or another business selling paper goods. As a result, Guided offers a large selection of notebooks. The company makes them from recycled paper. And you’ll find customized shipping and packaging options. They also allow you to customize the design in case you want to include a logo or other design.

Guided also offers customizable chipboard binders on a wholesale basis. You can order an existing design or create your own.

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