Cycling Charity Clamours for New Death Tax - 1 minute read

Cycling Charity Clamours for New Death Tax


With Starmer and Reeves playing it safe on tax issues, the fanatic think tanks and charities have turned to Scotland to push for socialist policy.
The leftist Institute for Public Policy Research and Oxfam Scotland are leading the charge and have called on the SNP to introduce, among other tax increases, a “local” inheritance tax on all estates worth over £36,000. Among the usual leftie charity suspects, the proposals are bizarrely officially supported by cycling organisation Sustrans, custodian of the National Cycle Network whose employees are heavily embedded in local councils and national agencies. When even the office cycling rep is campaigning for more tax, there might be a problem…
Cycling fans might wonder why their donations are funding high-gear political activism. Sustrans has previously received over £92 million in taxpayer funds to institute Low-Traffic Networks for local authorities. The high-tax activists have no brakes…


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