The sex toy banned from CES last year is unlike anything we’ve ever seen - 4 minutes read

The sex toy banned from CES last year is unlike any we’ve ever seen

Lora DiCarlo likely didn’t intend to change CES forever, but the sexual wellness company and its personal massager accomplished just that last year. After having an award revoked and being banned from the show, Lora DiCarlo successfully lobbied for sexual health devices to be allowed this year (and had its award reinstated in the process). Now, we’re finally getting a first look at its Osé personal massager. It’s genuinely shocking — I’ve never seen a device like it, so I can see why it won an innovation award.

The Osé massager attempts to mimic human touch by stimulating the G-spot and clitoris at the same time. The device doesn’t vibrate at all. Instead, the company focused its efforts on creating a product that could replicate a “come hither” motion for G-spot stimulation and a sucking mechanism to engage the clitoris.

I’ve admittedly been skeptical of Lora DiCarlo — CES is a prime place for vaporware, and we hadn’t seen a working prototype throughout this entire controversy — but the company seemingly created what it set out to make. The shaft of the device has a ball inside that protrudes and moves up and down for that “come hither” motion, the speed of which can be adjusted, as well as the length of the strokes, using buttons on the bottom of the device. The shaft also bends to fit each person’s pelvic angle. Meanwhile, the clitoral stimulator, which uses a motor to flutter air in and out, can also be adjusted for intensity. If you put your thumb over it, like I did on the show floor, it’ll form a seal that makes it feel like the device has latched onto you.

Lora DiCarlo initially won its innovation award in 2019 within the drones and robotics category. Then, just as the convention was starting, the company publicized that the Consumer Technology Association, which puts on the convention, took the award back after allegedly citing a rule that said products that are “immoral, obscene, indecent, profane or not in keeping with CTA’s image will be disqualified.” The CTA later backtracked on that excuse and said the product simply didn’t fit in the robotics and drones category.

Either way, Lora DiCarlo lost the award and went on a media spree to expose the tech industry’s lack of understanding and interest in sexual health technology. This led a vocal group of people online to speak out against the CTA, which prompted the industry group to not only reinstate Lora DiCarlo’s award, but also commit to allowing sex tech on the CES show floor. This year, these gadgets are allowed in the health and wellness section, so long as the group considers them to be “innovative and include new or emerging tech.” That’s why this week, Lora DiCarlo and other companies are making public product debuts.

Other than showing off the Osé, Lora DiCarlo announced two more products this week: the Onda and Baci. They’re essentially the Osé broken up into two pieces instead of one. The Onda stimulates the G-spot, and the Baci stimulates the clitoris.

Lora DiCarlo is the first sex tech company we’ve seen at CES this year, but there will be more. Lora DiCarlo says it sold around 10,000 Osé units during its presale, which are supposed to ship this month. While I’m certainly interested in the reviews, the device’s legacy is already set.

Source: The Verge

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