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Whether you're a Shark Tank lover or a TikTok scroller (or both), you may have heard of TA3 – a sculpting swimsuit company that didn't happen to receive a deal with any of the show's investors, but still blew up nonetheless. 

With 32.2 million amassed views on both TikTok hashtags #TA3 and #TA3Swim combined, it's safe to say that their swimsuit designs have garnered some serious buzz – and for good reason. The standout feature of TA3 suits is that they have a criss-cross corset back that instantly snatches the waist with a tug of the strings. 

The videos on social make it seem almost too good to be true, showing awe-struck reactions to the shaping effect. So, we had two people from our team take the suits for a spin, and see if the lofty price tag of $178 per bathing suit was actually worth it. Our experiences indicated that amidst the best swimwear brands, TA3 may be the perfect suit to get you in the mindset of escaping the winter doldrums.

Before we dive into our TA3 swimsuit review, though, we'll just say this: All bodies are perfect just the way they are, and no one needs to change their body shape or make themselves look "snatched" in order to be beautiful. 

How TA3 swimsuits work

The lace-up corset allows for a custom fit, so you can still wear the suit comfortable even if you don't want the compression.

Olivia Rose Ferreiro/Sally Kaplan/Insider

If you've yet to see some of the endless TikTok reviews on your FYP, here's what you need to know about TA3's viral one-pieces.

The fabric of the garment is described as a lightweight activewear compression material, not all that dissimilar to a super supportive sports bra. The front and back waist area is lined with a power mesh, and the high-quality fabric is meant to be supportive, smoothing, and never see-through when wet.

The corseted design starts at around the mid-back, near where the waist is typically smallest, and laces up to around the shoulder blades. With adjustable straps, removable bust pads, and some leeway with the corseted strings, the suit's sizing is quite accommodating and able to be modified depending on your preference for the day.

Olivia's review of the TA3 Lacey swimsuit, size medium short

Before and after tightening the corset.

Olivia Rose Ferreiro/Insider

As someone who loves a more minimal, "always-in" bathing suit, I went with the roundneck Lacey style in a classic black hue. Thick to the touch and comfortably compressive, I immediately appreciated how easily this suit can be customized, with adjustable shoulder straps (that I quickly loosened for a more comfy fit), and of course, the corseted back that gives you some serious wiggle room when it comes to sizing.

I'm a medium in most articles of clothing, and this piece was very much true to size – and in opting for the shorter torso length, I found that it fit my 5'0 frame beautifully. Even without tightening the corset strings, I noticed some serious belly smoothing akin to shapewear that made me feel confident, accentuating an hourglass shape.

Personally, I do prefer more coverage, so I found that the bottom half of the suit was a bit tight and uncomfy, hitting quite low on the hips. However, if you prefer more cheeky coverage with a sexy twist, this may be the swimsuit for you. I also find bust pads finicky, creating unwanted lines and seams, so I appreciated that the ones this suit came from were easily removable.

Sally's review of the TA3 Plungey swimsuit, size large

Before (left) and after (right).

Sally Kaplan/Insider

I opted for the regular plunge version of the suit in sapphire blue (there's also a high-cut version here). I have a DDD cup size so I specifically wanted to see if the low-cut suit could handle larger cup sizes. I was honestly amazed by how secure I felt while swimming and snorkeling during my vacation to Mexico! The suit kept everything in place and I felt really confident doing lots of activities in it.

I also love the way the pull-string emphasized my curves without making me feel too constricted. I could pull it tight for a compressive feel and more pronounced hourglass shape, but I could still let it out a bit when I wanted something looser. And, I really appreciate that the straps are adjustable and that I could opt for a short torso cut because I'm only 5'1. 

As far as longevity goes, the swimsuit has held up well for me even after washing it five or six times. I haven't experienced any discoloration or stretching yet. Given how sturdy the construction is, I suspect it's going to last me a really long time, making the $178 price tag more justifiable. 

Sally's review of the TA3 Lifty, F Cup

Sally Kaplan/Insider

I love all of my TA3 swimsuits, but the Lifty suit is my favorite because the underwire is so supportive and prevents the dreaded uniboob that some one-piece bathing suits can cause. The way the sizing works is nothing short of a miracle. You get to choose your bodice length (short or regular/long), your usual swimsuit size (from XS-4X), and your cup size (from A-J/K,) to get the absolute perfect fit, plus there are a bunch of color options. I've truly never had a one-piece fit me better!

The thick shoulder straps are comfy and adjustable, and the cups cradle me perfectly with no digging. It even looks super cute as a bodysuit, so you could theoretically wear it with jeans or flowy linen pants and no one would be the wiser. But I know you're all here to find out whether it actually does what it promises to do, which is give you a snatched waist. The short answer is: yes! 

The longer answer is absolutely yes; the lacing in the back actually works like a dream to cinch your waist in. But the good news is that if you're ever feeling bloated or you just want something a little less compressive, you can always just loosen it up. It's like having two sizes in one! Anyway, if you have a large chest, you won't regret buying this suit — as someone with an F cup, it's definitely the most comfortable and supportive one-piece I've ever tried. This suit even topped our list of the best swimsuits for large busts because of the great sizing options and supportive underwire. 

There's even an option for a high-cut version of this suit here if you prefer to show more leg.

Sizing options and considerations

This is the regular cut on the Lacey swimsuit.

Olivia Rose Ferreiro/Insider

When shopping for your perfect size, note that you are able to choose from the regular/long or the short torso fit, which is available for all of their three current styles. And from XS to 4X, they have an impressive size range that feels inclusive and intentional. We found that the suits fit true-to-size, but the ace-up system offers a lot of wiggle room in terms of sizing. 

Different neckline styles can also be paired with different cuts on the hips, but not every style has a high-cut version. Personally, I would really love to see all of their styles available in both low and high cut legs, since I'd prefer the Lacey style with a more cheeky high cut instead as it makes my legs look much longer.

Other TA3 products 


TA3 doesn't just make swimsuits. They've also come out with a line of shaping clothing like dresses and bodysuits. These products are made for days when your destination is a bar or a dinner, rather than the pool or the beach. 

"I was obsessed with TA3's swim line, so I knew I had to try their regular clothing. Just like their swimsuits, the back of their bodysuits and dresses are laced like a corset to really cinch your waist in. I appreciate the structure immensely, but I think they need a little work to reduce bulkiness and increase comfort. 

"For example, there's a bodysuit under the dresses — complete with clever crotch gusset with a hook-and-eye closure for easy bathroom trips — in order to really hold you in. It works fantastically — but the lacing, the layers of fabric, and the thick material needed to create the cinching effect were a little bulky for me. The Scoopy Bodysuit is made from a soft Ponte fabric, but I found that the bulkiness prevented fitted jeans from buttoning. The Sqarey Dress, on the other hand, is made from a similar fabric to the swimsuits, which I found a little awkward. It's also a struggle to get into because of how tight it is. But there's no denying the cinching and smoothing effects of these pieces. 

"Overall, I found the clothing line to be highly effective and incredible shapewear, but you do have to be willing to pay the price of bulkiness, a getting ready process that requires you to really squeeze into something, and some discomfort throughout the day." — Samantha Crozier, style editor, Insider Reviews. 

The bottom line 


It's no secret that these are on the pricey side – but given the quality, TA3 is worth it. Each suit is an investment piece that will be a staple in your closet for many summer vacations of beachside getaways to come.

Aside from comfort and its customizable fit, many appreciate a piece that pairs well with an outfit in between sunbathing and swimming (say, walking around a beach town or at the resort lunch spot) – and this one-piece acts as the ideal complementary item for denim shorts, a swimsuit coverup, or even loose beachy pants.

If you want to feel polished, snatched, and totally secure when playing around in the water, this suit may be your next best purchase.

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