An Emma Chamberlain Superfan and Skin-Care Aficionado Reviews Every Bad Habit Product - 8 minutes read

With everything from a chemical exfoliant to a hand cream, the brand seems to have a formula for everyone — but is it worth the hype?

I don't remember what the first Emma Chamberlain video I watched was, but I know that when my former Fashionista colleague, Maria, shared it, I immediately fell in love with Chamberlain's quick wit editing style and friendly, albeit burp-heavy, demeanor. Since that moment years ago, I've tuned in to every one of her thrift hauls and "Cooking With Emma" mishaps and watched as she rocketed to the top of YouTube's trending pages and became a Louis Vuitton darling. I've bought sunglasses from her Crap Eyewear collaboration and coffee from Chamberlain Coffee — I'm a full-blown, Emma Chamberlain superfan.

So, when I found out she was joining skin-care brand Bad Habit as a global brand ambassador and creative director, I was instantly intrigued. The ethos of the line is flexibility, according to Chamberlain: "Sometimes I'm too tired to do every step in my skin-care routine. Sometimes I skip the whole thing all together… There's a regimen for when I have my shit together — got my eight hours of sleep, went to the gym and ate all my vegetables — and there are products designed to aid my skin when I don't have my shit together," she said in press materials surrounding the launch. Super relatable.

This past year has been hard, to say the least, and while skin care has long been one of my favorite hobbies, there are days when I simply just can't. Post-Accutane (just like Emma!), my combination skin pretty much follows the seasons. I get hormonal chin breakouts when it's that time of the month or when I'm particularly stressed out. Now that I spend nearly 100% of my time at home, not wearing makeup on a daily basis has definitely helped keep my complexion clearer. I've pared down my routine to the basics and just try to listen to my skin and give it what it wants, when it wants it.

With a broad range of products from a chemical exfoliant to a hand cream, Bad Habit seems like its own decently-priced skin-care one-stop shop (minus the fact that the current lineup is missing any form of SPF which, in my opinion, is the most important part of any skin-care routine). Available at Ulta and Morphe (it's owned by Morphe's parent company, Forma), the line is described as free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates and mineral oils and is vegan and cruelty-free. With all of this in mind, I've been testing out the initial 10-product offering. Below are my first impressions and unfiltered thoughts on each, rated on a scale of up to five forehead kisses, in true Emma fashion.

When I first saw this cleanser I thought it was going to be just like the Krave Beauty Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleanser (which I love), but they're super different. Bad Habit's version is more of a pillow-y, less gel-like, formulation, with the refreshing addition of mint. My skin feels clean but not stripped after I use it, and while I generally always follow up washing my face with some kind of hydrating serum, it's not something my skin is absolutely dying for after using this formula — no doubt because it's sulfate-free and contains a high concentration of glycerin. I like the smell from the mint and neroli essential oils, but definitely more so in the morning than at night.

The component of this moisturizer is my favorite out of the bunch, especially compared to other face creams in the market, since the push-button top minimizes bacteria and air getting into the lotion and doesn't require one of those li'l scoop sticks. The combination of vitamins B5, C and E alongside niacinamide and oats give my skin a nice, hydrated glow and the mandarin and ginger scent is a nice wakeup in the morning. It also layers well under SPF and makeup. I'm definitely considering adding it to my regular routine, although I generally gravitate toward simpler moisturizers (like First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Cream).

Whenever I wear makeup, I always double cleanse at the end of the day to make sure nary a single iota of product remains on my skin. When it comes to the first step, cleansing balms or oils, I have two rules: It must take off even stubborn mascara with ease and it can't give me cloudy eyes. I put on a full face of heavy makeup to try this one out, and while it did take off my mascara with barely any rubbing, it also did cloud up my eyes a little bit. It smells nice, though.

The Power Sleep Night Cream is my least favorite out of the initial lineup; my skin immediately became red and itchy when I tried it. Normally glycolic acid is one of my favorite exfoliants and there's nothing in melatonin that should theoretically cause such a reaction, so I imagine it must be either the lavender or chamomile essential oils that didn't agree with my face, or just the combination of everything. It is pretty lightweight for a night cream, so it doesn't feel too heavy on the skin, but it's not something I'll be adding to my regular routine.

This is easily my favorite product out of all 10. The mix of hemp and moringa seed oil feels intensely moisturizing and gives my skin a wonderful, dewy glow without looking greasy or clogging my pores. Normally I don't like lavender in my facial products (see: above), but for some reason it didn't irritate me in this formulation. This product is definitely something I will be using and purchasing on the regular.

When it comes to face mists, in my opinion, the physicality of the spray itself is just as important as the ingredients. This mist comes out super fine and settles quickly, which is definitely a plus. While hyaluronic acid is one of my desert island hero ingredients in nearly any skin-care product, the clary sage essential oil irritates my skin a little.

The combination of mandarin and chamomile essential oils in this hand cream give off an almost Fruit Loops-esque scent, but it's not overpowering. It dries down pretty quickly without leaving my hands greasy, which is great when you're someone who can't go more than five minutes without picking up your phone. The apricot seed oil and avocado oil are definitely moisturizing, but I'm not sure if the adaptogens really do much.

There are two ways to use this mask — as a wash-off or overnight treatment, and I definitely prefer the latter. The mix of hyaluronic acid and blue algae is super hydrating and soothing and makes my skin feel incredible, so I like to leave the pudding-like cream on for as long as possible. The combo of lavender and neroli essential oils give off a sort of rich lady perfume vibe but hasn't irritated my skin at all — it's just not my favorite scent in the whole world.

I'll admit that I don't use a lot of charcoal masks simply because I'm too lazy for them and sheet masks are just a hell of a lot easier, but this one doesn't make too much of a mess. The combination of charcoal and clay works to suck out pore gunk while the cucumber and aloe offer up some necessary soothing. All in all it's pretty standard; it dries down and feels tight like any other charcoal mask, there's not really anything else too noteworthy about it.

I will admit, I love a chemical exfoliant, especially compared to physical ones, so I was excited to try this product in particular. The bamboo powder gives it a gritty texture that I don't totally love, but it doesn't feel like it's skin barrier-damaging like say, walnut shells, can be. It also kind of smells like rotten oranges, but it's not too heinous and dissipates quickly. The AHAs, BHAs and PHAs and enzymes in the exfoliator work together to give my skin a decent glow and softness, but it does start feeling a little burn-y and sting-y toward the end of the 10 minute application.

You can also see (and shop!) every product in the gallery below.

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