Apple’s Pachinko returns for season 2 in August - 2 minutes read

One of the most beloved series on Apple TV Plus is returning very soon. The streamer just announced that season 2 of the historical epic Pachinko will start streaming on August 23rd. Weekly episodes will air every Friday through October 11th.

Based on the novel of the same name by Min Jin Lee, Pachinko follows the multigenerational story of a Korean family immigrating to Japan. While the story unfolded chronologically in the book, the show took a different approach, with a nonlinear narrative that jumped back and forth between eras. The series premiered in 2022, and the show was renewed before the first season was finished.

It’s not clear exactly which parts of the story season 2 will cover, but Apple did provide a handful of first-look images:

And while we don’t have a trailer yet, Apple did release a clip of the title sequence, which — importantly — still features the main cast dancing in a pachinko parlor:

Season 2 of Pachinko will be one of several shows premiering over the summer, including the time travel adventure Time Bandits and the sci-fi mystery Sunny, both of which hit Apple TV Plus in July. The news also comes not long after Apple’s other series set (mostly) in Japan — the wine tasting drama Drops of God — was renewed for a second season.

Source: The Verge

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