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Citadel offers employees an impressive range of benefits, including on-site perks like breakfast, lunch, snacks, and access to fitness centers and medical facilities.

Citadel and Citadel Securities employees and families in Orlando, Florida for an anniversary celebration that featured a concert headlined by Coldplay.


Last year alone, the firm hosted more than 100 events for employees and are on track to host an even more this year, a spokesperson for Citadel told Insider by email. 

Event highlights from the past year include a Disney World extravaganza held in honor of Citadel's 30th anniversary and Citadel Securities' 20th anniversary, Citadel's spokesperson told Insider.

Some 10,000 people attended weekend long celebration, which was fully funded by founder Ken Griffin. 

Citadel's spokesperson also noted other events that the company holds for its members of staff, including buyouts for amusements parks like Six Flags Great in Chicago, Ocean Park in Hong Kong; Universal Studios Singapore; and Centennial Homestead in Sydney.

Employees also have previews of museums exhibits — like a private viewing at The National Gallery in London this past spring — private movie screenings, and a host of different speakers. 

Citadel's chief people officer, Matt Jahansouz, told Insider by email, "whether it's the world-class events that bring our colleagues, families, and friends together or conversations with thought leaders from a range of intellectual endeavors, we are committed to providing our people with experiences that foster connectivity, reinforce our culture, and generate a sense of community."


Source: Business Insider

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