10 Hole-y Questions We Have After Outer Range Season 2 - 1 minute read

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I can’t be the only Outer Range fan who waited all of season two to get more clarity on Royal’s season-one glimpse of the future—obtained after Autumn pushes him into the hole in the first episode—and was left wanting.

If you’ll recall, Royal emerged to see that Dr. Bintu’s mining cronies have a ton of equipment set up around the hole, which is encircled by a well-lit perimeter fence. Autumn is there, and is apparently a leader of some sort. Royal also spots Cecilia in the crowd, and she tells him he died two years ago—after which he jumps back in the hole and returns to a point in time almost immediately after he left.

Season two never does get there. It doesn’t advance two years in the future. And while it seems like Royal might perish in the season finale, he revives—but not before having one of those “everyone I’ve ever known” visions that dying people tend to have in movies and TV, in which his family past and present stares at him while chanting “time is a river, Royal; this is your destiny.” What that destiny is, exactly, is left rather open for interpretation.

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