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What do historians lose with the decline of local news?

Newspaper seller, London, 1900. George Grantham Bain Collection.‘By the 1990s many titles were “local in name only”’ Rachel Matthews, Associate Director of the Institute for Creative Cultures at Coventry University and author of The History of the Provincial Press in Engl...continued
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The 51st State? | History Today
Ben JonesOn 3 June 2022 representatives from the US Democratic Party, Raúl Grijalva, Nydia Velázquez and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, travelled to Puerto Rico, where they joined the island’s resident commissioner Jenniffer González Colón, a Republican, to discuss the Puerto ...continued
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What Influence has the BBC had on History?
Venu Chitale, photographed in the 1940s. She began her career as secretary to George Orwell, and later became a prominent broadcaster. Wiki Commons.‘The BBC has always done far more than reflect the contemporary’David Hendy, Author of The BBC: A People’s History (Profile,...continued
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Was the Cold War the Biggest Change in Russia’s Relationship with the West?
Richard Nixon (right) meets Leonid Brezhnev (left) on 19 June 1973 during the Soviet Leader’s visit to the US. The interpreter is Viktor Sukhodrev. Image: The National Archives and Records Administration.‘The Cold War fits the pattern of typical conflicts between Russia a...continued
Leonid brezhnev and richard nixon talks in 1973
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Why Is the United States Hostile to Socialism?
Communist Party of the United States of America election poster, c. 1975-6. Library of Congress. Public Domain.‘The view among European socialists was that the US was an outlier, and in a bad way’Adam Smith is Edward Orsborn Professor of US Politics & Political Histor...continued
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Sign of the Times | History Today
Ben JonesOn 18 March this year thousands of people from the British Deaf community gathered at Trafalgar Square to support the British Sign Language (BSL) Bill on its third reading in the House of Commons. The BSL Act, which came into law in June, promised momentous chang...continued
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Turkey’s Historical Relationship with Europe
Map showing the Sykes–Picot Agreement,  a 1916 secret treaty between the United Kingdom and France. British Library/Wiki Commons.‘Six decades of integration cannot be undone, even by a strongman like Erdoğan’Dimitar Bechev, Author of Turkey Under Erdoğan: How a Country Tu...continued
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Turkey and Europe’s Difficult History
Map showing the Sykes–Picot Agreement,  a 1916 secret treaty between the United Kingdom and France. British Library/Wiki Commons.‘Six decades of integration cannot be undone, even by a strongman like Erdoğan’Dimitar Bechev, Author of Turkey Under Erdoğan: How a Country Tu...continued
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Will Putin Get His ‘Nuremberg Moment’?
© Ben Jones/Heart Agency.Interviewed in the Guardian in March 2022, the international lawyer Philippe Sands said that: ‘The world changed in 1945. It was a revolutionary moment. For the first time, states agreed that they were not absolutely sovereign, that they could not...continued
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8bc9d6e15b3458e41c925e171d8de6d8 Jany @Jany - 6 months ago
What We Talk About When We Talk About Tunguska
Ben Jones.Just over a decade after the imperial outpost of Tsaritsyn had become the Soviet city of Stalingrad in 1925, a young writer named Manuil Semenov published a short story, ‘Prisoners of the Earth’, in Young Leninist, the local newspaper of the Communist Youth Leag...continued
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Does the Concept of the Third World have any Historical Value?
Pocket globe, c. 1775. Cambridge University Library/Google Arts and Culture.‘The so-called Third World rarely acted collectively’Hazem Kandil, Professor of Historical and Political Sociology at the University of CambridgeCatch-all terms are inherently inaccurate, though t...continued
Third world
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A Secret History of Mongolian Wolves
Ben JonesIn Mongolia, where the dominant lifestyle is nomadic pastoralism, threat comes from the land. Wolves (chono) are found throughout the nation’s various ecosystems: steppe, semi-desert, mountains. Their existence has been lamented and romanticised for centuries.Mon...continued
Web mongolia
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Leaving Hong Kong | History Today
Hong Kong’s summer has been marked by widespread political unrest. The trigger was a proposed bill that would allow the territory’s government to extradite Hong Kong residents to countries with which Hong Kong did not have an extradition treaty. Prominently, these include...continued
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Four Historians Tell Us a Ghost Story
Amateurs playing ghost scene by photographer W. S. Hobson, c. 1887. The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles. Public Domain.‘What the servant saw made him drop the tray with an almighty crash’Francis Young, author of English Catholics and the Supernatural (Ashgate, 2013) Lat...continued
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Escape to Mexico | History Today
On 12 November 2019 a Gulfstream G550 belonging to the Mexican air force landed in the Bolivian jungle. On board was Evo Morales, president of Bolivia for 14 years, who three weeks earlier had claimed his fourth election victory. After detours to prevent a diplomatic inci...continued
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Demanding Surrender | History Today
Ben JonesAnglo-American extradition is in the news. The administrations of both Donald Trump and Joe Biden have refused to return Anne Sacoolas for prosecution over teenager Harry Dunn’s death in 2019 on the grounds of her diplomatic immunity. Yet both have pressed for th...continued
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Off with Their Heads! | History Today
Ben JonesRecent years have seen a slow but steadily rising tide of dissatisfaction with royalty in Britain. Accelerated by the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the coronation of King Charles III and a regular diet of scandal surrounding Prince Andrew, as well as the fracturin...continued
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Germany and the Yellow Star
Illustration by Ben JonesDuring the Covid pandemic, as those opposed to lockdowns and vaccinations organised large protests, several German cities reacted with alarm. Some protesters had taken to wearing a yellow star – the symbol first forced upon Jews by the Nazis in Se...continued
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Ed258c85465a50dee9e6425ecf24849d Wilmer @Wilmer - 3 months ago
What Can Historical Clothing Reveal That Other Sources Cannot?
A painting of Elizabeth I by William Segar, known as the Ermine Portrait, in the collection of Hatfield House. Public Domain.‘What survives speaks eloquently of the emotional value placed on items of attire’Maria Hayward, author of Stuart Style: Monarchy, Dress and the Sc...continued
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Sri Lanka’s Deep Wounds | History Today
Ben JonesOn 31 March 2022 a public protest occurred in the vicinity of the home of the Sri Lankan president Gotabhaya Rajapakse. The protest marked frustration at the shortages of essential commodities (gas, medicines, fuel) and the gruelling ten-to-13-hour power cuts imp...continued
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Goodbye to the Vikings | History Today
Ben Jones (detail).There was no such thing as a ‘Viking’ in the medieval period. Use of the term emerged in the 19th century. The word wicing occurred in Old English and víkingr in Old Icelandic, but were used very differently, to mean something like ‘pirate’. Academics n...continued
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How Has the Ancient World Been Appropriated in Modernity?
Parade commemorating the 2500th anniversary of the Persian Empire, held amid the ruins of Persepolis. Iran, October 1971. Rolls Press/Popperfoto/Getty Images.‘Cyrus the Great is portrayed as a religious man and a forerunner of monotheism’Ali Ansari, Professor of History a...continued
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Ghosts of Java | History Today
Ben JonesOn the YouTube video, you can see a young Chinese-Indonesian man, maybe in his early 20s, wearing a green shirt, moving acrobatically with a long staff inside what looks like a garage. A man reciting the Quran through a PA system can be heard somewhere outside th...continued
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Don’t Look Up | History Today
Ben JonesOne of the largest social movements in recent Hawaiian history took place in the summer of 2019 at the foot of Mauna Kea, a dormant volcano located on Hawai‘i island, also known as the Big Island. Thousands of kia‘i, or ‘protectors’, of the mountain braved the co...continued
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Did Britain Ever Have a Revolutionary Moment?
Mural depicting the Chartist uprising in Newport, 1839. Created by Kenneth Budd in 1978 and destroyed in 2013. Wiki Commons.‘European observers viewed Charles I’s execution as an unprecedented, revolutionary move’Edward Vallance, Professor of History at the University of ...continued
Revolutionary moment
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