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The Original Rock Star | History Today
Contemporary replica of the Rosetta Stone © The British Museum/Trustees of the British Museum.As the most viewed object at the British Museum, the Rosetta Stone is admired by far more people than were ever expected to see it in ancient times. An infinitesimally small numb...continued
Rosetta thumb
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Good as Gold | History Today
To continue reading this article you will need to purchase access to the online archive.Buy Online Access  Buy Print & Archive SubscriptionIf you have already purchased access, or are a print & archive subscriber, please ensure you are logged in.Please email digit...continued
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The Other Elizabeth | History Today
Elizabeth Stuart, later Queen of Bohemia, after Michiel van Mierevelt, c.1615 © akg-images.In August 1596 Queen Anna of Denmark provided her two-year-old son Henry with a sister. The proud father, King James VI of Scotland, immediately roped the bairn into his grand strat...continued
Elizabeth stuart thumb
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The First Live-Streaming | History Today
A théâtrophone, c. 1982. Wiki Commons.As a child in the first years of the 20th century the great American film director Preston Sturges lived in a stylish apartment in Paris with his mother. An earphone hung beside the fireplace. He tried it; it seemed dead. Then one eve...continued
11 august 1881 theatrophon 1892
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Mare Nostrum? | History Today
View of the Italian peninsula looking south from the Alps, 19th century. Bridgeman Images.For Fernand Braudel, the Mediterranean’s most famous biographer, the Adriatic was ‘perhaps the most unified of all the regions of the Mediterranean Sea’. But it still posed ‘all the ...continued
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The 51st State? | History Today
Ben JonesOn 3 June 2022 representatives from the US Democratic Party, Raúl Grijalva, Nydia Velázquez and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, travelled to Puerto Rico, where they joined the island’s resident commissioner Jenniffer González Colón, a Republican, to discuss the Puerto ...continued
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The Baltic Question | History Today
Alexander Rittikh’s map of the Baltic provinces by confession, 1873. Courtesy National Library of Estonia.In 1873 Alexander Fedorovich Rittikh, one of the Russian Empire’s most eminent cartographers, published two maps of the Baltic provinces depicting the ethnographic an...continued
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Going, going…Goethe? | History Today
23 Großer Hirschgraben, birthplace of Goethe, after the Second World War. akg-images.On the night of 22 March 1944 Frankfurt was hit by one of the largest air raids of the Second World War. Dodging German anti-aircraft defences, 816 British planes dropped more than 3,000 ...continued
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The Whole Truth? | History Today
Section from a Qur'an Manuscript, c.1300. Marginalia indicate that this Qur'an once belonged to the library of a ribat (hostel) in the holy city of Medina accommodating Moroccan residents. Metropolitan Museum of Art.Westerners have long been fascinated by the Prophet Muha...continued
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On the Spot: Malgorzata Fidelis
Late 12th century fresco, Chapelle Sainte-Radegonde de Chinon. Traditionally thought to depict Eleanor of Aquitaine, Henry Plantagenet, and their children. Wiki Commons.Why are you a historian of Eastern Europe?I came to the United States at the age of 20. Looking at my n...continued
Chasse royale
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Bad Dreams | History Today
Detail of a map of Aberfan shown at the inquest, depicting the extent of the spoil spill. Ordnance Survey/Wiki Commons.At quarter past nine on the morning of 21 October 1966, teachers were settling their pupils down for the day’s lessons at Pantglas Junior School in the W...continued
Aberfan disaster map   extent of the spoil slip
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Explicit Content | History Today
Scene from The New Art and Mystery of Gossiping, Being a Genuine Account of All the Women’s Clubs in and about the City and Suburbs of London, c.1760. British Library Board.***What follows will be explicit because it is about expletives; it may also seem offensive, becaus...continued
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Upon Clouded Hills | History Today
Queen Elizabeth as ‘Jerusalem’ is sung at the AGM of the Women’s Institute, Albert Hall, May 1946. Shutterstock.‘Jerusalem’, the poem written by William Blake which was set to music by Charles Hubert Parry during the First World War, is usually assumed to be one of the mo...continued
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Kali | History Today
Likeness of the goddess Kali, Nepal, unknown date. Bridgeman Images.With her lolling tongue, garland of decapitated heads and girdle of severed limbs, brandishing a bloodied sword in one of her four arms as she dances wildly on the prostrate body of her consort Shiva, the...continued
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The USSR in Afghanistan | History Today
Withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan, 15 February 1989. Wiki Commons/RIA Novosti archive.‘The pursuit of modernity is often violent’, Elisabeth Leake writes in Afghan Crucible, her impressive new account of the Soviet invasion and occupation of Afghanistan. For re...continued
Soviet troops
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Object Lesson | History Today
Conscientious objector Sidney Spencer on his way to plead his case at Liverpool tribunal, 25 March 1941. Alamy.On 6 April 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, the Queen made a speech invoking the spirit of the Second World War. Asking the British public to ‘remain united a...continued
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We are Family | History Today
Louis IX carrying the Sceptre and the Hand of Justice, from Registre des Ordonnances de L’Hotel du Roi, c.1320. Bridgeman Images.Late in August 1179 the king of France, Louis VII, crossed the Channel and landed at Dover. There he was met by Henry II, the man now married t...continued
French kings alt
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Turkey and Europe’s Difficult History
Map showing the Sykes–Picot Agreement,  a 1916 secret treaty between the United Kingdom and France. British Library/Wiki Commons.‘Six decades of integration cannot be undone, even by a strongman like Erdoğan’Dimitar Bechev, Author of Turkey Under Erdoğan: How a Country Tu...continued
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It’s Not Easy Being Green
The Fiat 147 production line, 5 July 1979. Image: Fiat/Stellantis.Moving away from petrol-powered vehicles is possible, as Brazil has proven. The country’s history of sugar-ethanol production provides both an inspiring vision of what a rapid shift away from petroleum migh...continued
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Defenestration in Prague | History Today
Jan Hus burnt at the stake, from the Spiezer Chronik, Bern, 1480s. Wiki Commons.The defenestration of three Catholics from the castle in Prague in May 1618 helped precipitate the Thirty Years War. But it wasn’t the first time Czechs had resorted to this distinctive method...continued
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Pirate Voyage | History Today
The Emanuele Accame, 20th century. Alfio Bernabei Personal Collection.Two months before the March on Rome of October 1922, Benito Mussolini was faced with the first antifascist protest outside of Italy, which threatened to derail efforts to present his party as an accepta...continued
Pirate 2
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Turkey’s Historical Relationship with Europe
Map showing the Sykes–Picot Agreement,  a 1916 secret treaty between the United Kingdom and France. British Library/Wiki Commons.‘Six decades of integration cannot be undone, even by a strongman like Erdoğan’Dimitar Bechev, Author of Turkey Under Erdoğan: How a Country Tu...continued
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The Hogen Mogen Princess | History Today
Queen Henrietta Maria of England, by Anthony van Dyck, 1636. incamerastock/Alamy.In June 1643 reports spread of Henrietta Maria’s advance south from Yorkshire. She was, parliamentarians observed fearfully, ‘chief and commander’ of ‘an army of outlandish papists’ and ready...continued
Henrietta maria
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Cuban Perestroika | History Today
Revolutionary mural, Havana, 20th century. Bridgeman Images.In 2010 Fidel Castro told a US journalist: ‘The [Cuban] model doesn’t even work for us anymore.’ Castro, who had retired two years earlier, was admitting that the government needed to loosen its strict control ov...continued
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The Unbreakable City | History Today
The Felix Dzerzhinsky tractor factory dispatches DT-54 tractors, 1930s. Getty images.In August 1942 Maria Chuprina had just turned 13. A native of Stalingrad, Maria had spent the first year of war on the Eastern Front going about her business much as normal. While she wor...continued
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