Living with Color - 1 minute read

Rebecca Atwood and her colorful eye are something magical when it comes to textiles and interior design (P.S., if you haven’t visited her store yet, run, don’t walk!). That’s why, upon the release of her new book, Living with Color: Inspiration and How-Tos to Brighten Up Your Home, I knew I had found the perfect excuse to give my room a bit of love.

I like to consider myself a minimalist at heart, meaning little to no clutter and neutral colors. But I’ve learned from Rebecca’s book that there can be harmony between minimalism and color.

Rebecca goes in depth about this aspect, helping you find the right color hues that resonate with your personal style and way of living. So as the season starts changing and it gets chillier by the minute, cozy up with Living with Color and get inspired for all the ways color can bring joy and balance to your own life.


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