Your Free People Horoscope with Tracy Allen — July 15-21 - 25 minutes read

Your Free People Horoscope with Tracy Allen -- July 15-21

Let Tracy Allen prepare you for this week as we navigate through an eclipse in Capricorn and Mercury’s move back into Cancer…

When a lunar eclipse rocks your interpersonal angle this week, a close relationship could reach a major turning point. You might finally see the light and call it quits. Or you could take things to the next level and make a substantial commitment. Avoid making snap decisions while Mercury’s retrograde. But if a connection is truly meant to change, this dramatic lunation can transform it. A creative or business partnership might take off or blow up as well, and it may seem like certain individuals in your life are serving up too much drama. Think back to the solar eclipse of January 5 if you’re wondering when and how this shift started brewing. If you’re single, the eclipse’s proximity to serious Saturn and powerful Pluto indicates that no lightweights need apply for the position of your prospective mate. Some candidates with real potential could cross your path now. Venus in Cancer is going toe-to-toe with Saturn and Pluto, doubling down on the theme of complicated relationships. You could be drawn to someone who’s not good for you, or your warmth and charm might get a chilly reception. You’re in the mood to enjoy life, but you’re reminded that relationships take work. A personal obligation may curtail your fun, or people could seem downright difficult. Tension and unhealthy compulsions can escalate into a conflict. Try not to take it personally, and maintain as much self-awareness as possible. Is there any lesson you can glean from this strain? Or maybe you can transmute all this heat into passion and meaningful progress. Venus is making music with Neptune, so the simple act of enjoying life can inspire you and allow you to rise above these struggles. Soulful, selfless love is favored, as are escapist pleasures. You might feel a spiritual connection with someone different from you or experience divine love for all living beings. With Mercury backing into Cancer, you’re bound to review personal matters in the coming days and will probably feel a bit tongue-tied. Don’t worry too much about being misunderstood — concentrate on understanding yourself better!

This week’s lunar eclipse in your efficiency corner can bring big news — or generate a crisis — involving your work, health or everyday life that compels you to change your ways. You might finally kick a bad habit to the curb or tweak your lifestyle to improve your wellbeing. Stress is common with this lunation, but try not to jump into reaction mode; rather, use coping strategies like exercise to decompress. If you’ve gone as far as you can go with a duty, a job, a diet regimen or something else related to productivity and wellness, it’s time to shift gears. You might drop something from your schedule or delete an item on your to-do list. With Venus tucked away at the end of your chart and opposing daunting Saturn and Pluto now, you may have to get stuff done, though, to take some pressure off yourself and enjoy time off from the rat race. Your responsibilities could weigh on you, and a good balance of work and relaxation is essential. If you resent your obligations, it will be more challenging to get along with people. Compromise by tackling a task or two very efficiently, then taking a break. Or select the most creative task and work on it in a low-key setting. You should also take stock of your physical and spiritual wellness if you’re feeling burnt out. How might you replenish your body and soul? Allow your nurturing side to inspire a kind gesture — doing something thoughtful for another person will make both of you feel good. A Venus-Neptune confab suggests selflessness and empathy can lead to a soul-to-soul connection, and letting go of a desire can facilitate spiritual healing. After Mercury backpedals out of Leo, you’ll become more circumspect. Pay close attention to your hunches and dreams in the next couple of weeks. You might reread old journals, rediscover a spiritual practice, reflect on the past and examine fantasies for insight into yourself.

A love affair, creative venture or another pleasurable pursuit could reach fruition when a lunar eclipse hits your joy sector this week. Maybe a romance will become official or break up if it’s due to end. If you’ve been trying to conceive, this powerful lunation can sometimes spell a pregnancy. Passionate feelings can push you to pour your heart out, and an attraction may be impossible to resist. If you’ve been toiling away at something that allows you to express yourself, you might experience a fulfilling moment of fame now. Since Venus is facing off with Saturn and Pluto, you could feel too self-conscious to let loose around people, or there may be some friction between your social life and love life. Or you could feel a strong pull toward a platonic pal and enjoy sexy sparks between you. You might need to honor a commitment involving children or your creativity, which will cut into squad playtime. A compulsion to express yourself might put you out of step with the crowd. It might seem like you can’t please others if you do what you want and you can’t be yourself if you opt to socialize. But you can learn something about yourself by spending time with people, so don’t isolate. It may be hard to click when your desires differ, but seek middle ground between personal pleasure and group interests. And remember you can’t make everyone happy! Luckily, Venus is vibing with Neptune, encouraging you to go with the flow and form organic connections with others based on sincere, soulful feelings. You could be inspired to do something sweet for a friend or to see someone in a new light. Since Mercury is backing into your network zone, you might reconnect with old friends and contacts in the next week or two. You could also rethink a new dream or review your various affiliations with groups. Stay away from gossip, as misunderstandings are par for the course now!

A development in your family or home life may demand your attention this week when a lunar eclipse agitates the base of your chart. If you’ve been focused on chasing after your goals, a mood swing could draw you inward. Do your best to balance personal and professional matters, as turbulence on the home front or in your emotions can destabilize you. You might have to handle drama involving a parent or a female figure in your life or take care of a a family member or roomie. An old pattern, unpleasant feeling or childhood memory can resurface, forcing you to process it. Growing pains are common now, and it’s a good idea to up your self-care game. Perhaps a domestic project will reach completion, or you’ll find out that your living situation is changing. Alone time is in order, so don’t hesitate to unplug and unwind. With Venus opposing Saturn and Pluto, private insecurity may hamper your ability to charm the right people or show off your creativity. You want to be seen in a good light, but your personal life and mood are coloring the way you present yourself. Don’t force a smile when you’re struggling with weighty matters. Dealing with the rumblings in your subconscious will keep you from erupting in public. Resist the temptation to sweep anything dark or ugly under the rug and put up a good front. Face what’s going on inside you — what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger! And if you find yourself in the middle of family drama, resist playing peacemaker, Libra’s typical role. A Venus-Neptune coalition lures you to maintain a high profile so your helpfulness and artistry gets noticed. Plus an office romance might be in the cards! With Mercury reversing into your ambition angle, career planning, communication with authority figures and articulating your objectives will be challenging for the rest of July. Try reviewing your goals, revising a business plan, researching careers and rethinking your PR.

Thanks to a lunar eclipse in your cognition-and-communication house this week, you might receive big news or be flooded with info and ideas. An a-ha! moment or some other development could be traced back to a solar eclipse that occurred in the same house on January 5. Something involving your neighborhood or a sibling may catch your attention, or a writing endeavor could come to fruition. Your thoughts and words are laden with emotion under this influence. If too much is coming at you all at once, you may get overwhelmed. This lunation can generate anxiety and nervous energy, so it’s important to catch your breath and handle one thing at a time — objects may be smaller than they appear! Do what you can to calm your mind and keep track of your inspired flashes of brilliance and insight. Since Venus is opposing two power-player planets, you may think twice about sampling unfamiliar pleasures, and although it’s wise to weigh risks during Mercury retrograde, you shouldn’t let negativity keep you from enjoying more of what life has to offer. Difference is so appealing now, but you could feel obliged to play it safe. Maybe you’ll nix a trip or hold back when meeting new people. Obsessing and overthinking can intensify an attraction to someone outside your comfort zone. If you can find middle ground between taking life as it comes and reading too much into everything, you can enjoy a memorable experience. Plus with Venus and Neptune teaming up, an adventure could prove truly transcendent. Get out of your routine and open your heart to the idea of someone new if you’re looking for love. Mercury is moving back into your exploration corner, so you might edit something for publication, review a subject you already studied, reconsider your beliefs and opinions and try to regain perspective. Ride out delays and detours when traveling; revisiting a place may prove easier than going somewhere for the first time.

A lunar eclipse rattles your worth zone this week, which could impact your bottom line. A source of income could appear or disappear, and you might find something you’d lost. An unexpected expense may drain your resources, or you might finally get an influx of cash. A revelation about your self-worth and your feelings about money can help you reform your ways when it comes to spending, saving and budgeting. You could also gain insight into your values and priorities so you can reshuffle them to reflect what’s truly important to you. Retail therapy is commonly associated with this lunation, since you’re likely to have strong emotions about what you need and want. Because Venus is in the opposite house and facing off with Saturn and Pluto, a fear of not having what you need can keep you from sharing openly — while a fear of not being enough can inhibit closeness. Or are you worried about what you think you could lose if you invest in a relationship? A power imbalance can become all too apparent now, and you’re apt to feel it acutely. The more secure you are in your ability to take care of yourself, the easier time you’ll have with these transits. You can protect your own interests without trying to gain the upper hand. Your desire to maintain a strong bond with people who are important to you can guide you to balance closeness and self-sufficiency. Venus is harmonizing with Neptune in your foundation angle, so one-on-one time with a loved one in the privacy of your home can be romantic and/or soothing, and alone time can help you to center yourself and feel more at peace with life. After Mercury reverses into your depth-and-merging sector, you might try turning some of your attention to a sticky financial issue, a research project or a psychological hurdle like an obsession or loss. If your mind drifts to a past lover, keep in mind that reconnection can get complicated.

This week, a lunar eclipse lands in your sign, representing the climax of something that coincided with the solar eclipse in Capricorn back on January 5. Whatever you started around the time of that supercharged new moon — or soon after — is due for fruition on this full moon. Full moons are also known to usher in endings. You could see the light suddenly and decide to leave something or someone behind you. Although Mercury’s retrograde phase is impairing everyone’s judgment, and eclipses can trigger rash behavior, if you’re truly meant to let go now, prioritize your core needs and your personal growth. The moon’s proximity to Pluto will up the intensity, so if you feel an emotional meltdown coming on, try to figure out what you need and ask for it with as much diplomacy as you can muster. More attention? Alone time? Use your words! Venus’s faceoff with Saturn in Cap can make it harder to relate to people and cause you to come across as aloof, even though you want companionship now. If you feel like there’s a barrier between you and others, reflecting on what reasons you might have for putting it up can help you understand yourself better. If you feel removed from everyone, remind yourself that feelings pass. Venus is also going head to head with Pluto, tempting you to control certain individuals. Keep your interactions aboveboard and aim for healthy compromises. See if you can channel your passion into your relationships without dominating anyone. Venus’s chemistry with Neptune can help you relate to people one-on-one with empathy and compassion. Under this influence, you may need to remind yourself not to view others through rose-colored glasses, though. With Mercury backing into your interpersonal angle, you may get into more misunderstandings and could revisit an old conflict. Rather than beating a dead horse, you can make better use of this time by contemplating your relationships and perhaps rethinking the terms of one.

When a lunar eclipse lands in the last house of your chart, you could feel an urge to wrap up old business and release the past. This is a time of surrender and healing, so you might finally face something deep inside you and feel cleansed. You’re clearing the decks for the future! A secret or subconscious truth could come to light, and your intuition is bound to be powerful. Pay attention to your dreams also, as they’re likely to carry messages. This lunation can bring a spiritual crisis or a spiritual awakening, and you’d do well to seek peace and quiet so you can tune in to your soul’s whisperings. Don’t hesitate to carve out alone time when you need to recharge your battery. You might require a lot of sleep now. Venus’s oppositions with Saturn and Pluto can affect your work ethic, and you may find yourself falling behind if you can’t get in a pleasant flow. If your emotions are dragging you down, acknowledge what’s bothering you. Don’t smother your feelings in order to take care of business. Keep working on integrating the hidden side of your nature into your whole self and don’t doubt your ability to do the work you want to do. Savor small wins instead of suffering over losses — imagined or real. Beautifying your workspace can help you enjoy the process of being productive. Plus Venus’s vibe with Neptune can move you to put aside your own needs and let your spiritual values take the lead. You can be of great service to others under this influence and might produce creative work as well. After Mercury backpedals into your efficiency corner, mix-ups at work and scheduling snafus are to be expected, and details could get overlooked. Between now and the end of the month, you might try revising your to-do list, researching jobs, reviewing your habits, reorganizing your workspace, taking stock of your health and considering alternative approaches.

A team endeavor could culminate, or you might feel done with a group when a lunar eclipse hits your network zone this week. Your role in an organization could change drastically, perhaps pushing you to the forefront. Since full moons are associated with endings, there’s a chance you’ll feel the need to leave a group or break up with a friend. Squad drama is another real possibility, and it’s a good idea to give people plenty of latitude now, as emotions are running high. A friend in crisis may need to lean on you, and you’ll be able to help. You might want to take a break from social media, since the trolls will be out in full force. A girls’ night out is apt to prove memorable. With Venus and Saturn reaching a standoff, it may seem like personal pleasure is diametrically opposed to group obligations or expectations. In fact, a romance might not get your squad’s stamp of approval now. And if you’re intent on expressing your artistic side or your emotions, the response may not be all that you’d hoped. Venus is also facing off with Pluto, dialing up peer pressure, so be careful not to give people too much power over you. Changes in a friendship could darken your mood, but you also might be very attracted to someone in your circle. Lucky for you, Venus and Neptune are in cahoots, favoring romance, play, creativity and other forms of self-expression. So no matter what happens this week, give yourself permission to enjoy life and let people see the real you. Love is likely to be dreamy and imaginative, not concrete and literal, so don’t attempt to ascertain the real nature of a connection. Let it transport you and fill you with joy. After Mercury reverses into your fulfillment sector, conveying your feelings, personality and humor becomes more of a gamble. In the next couple of weeks, you could reread for pleasure, rediscover a hobby and reminisce about a past love.

When a lunar eclipse shakes the peak of your chart this week, a goal could come to fruition, or you might be pushed onto center stage and compelled to prove yourself. You could be given more responsibility — and possibly a promotion. Don’t hesitate to step into the spotlight and toot your own horn. This is no time to hide what you have to offer! However, this lunation symbolizes a turning point in your career path or a shift in your overall life direction, and you could discover now that a particular aspiration no longer suits you. This is the time to consider shifting your ambitions elsewhere. It’s okay to admit your heart isn’t in it and cut your losses. With Mercury retrograde, resist any urge to decide something on the spot. But be open to the natural transition that’s unfolding; it will likely affect your professional aims or your public image. You could also have to deal with drama involving your boss or dad, or your parents might be at odds now. Since Venus is opposing Saturn and Pluto, you should do your best to strike a good balance between your inner and outer lives. You’re being pulled out into the world to do what’s expected of you, but you’re craving peace and quiet. Try not to let the pressure to achieve get to you. Relax in familiar surroundings when you can, and avoid power struggles on the home front. Unwind a bit, but also let your angst push you to accomplish something — in whichever order you prefer. Luckily, Venus’s alliance with Neptune also gives a green light to indulging in escapist pleasures at home. You deserve some downtime! After Mercury backslides down to the base of your chart, your mind will drift to the past, and you might start to rethink your living situation. Take a walk down memory lane in search of fresh insights and consider reconnecting with a relative you’ve lost touch with.

You might have a crisis of faith when a lunar eclipse blasts into your exploration zone this week, shaking up your outlook. This is the best lunation of the year to take an honest look at your belief system and weed out a conviction that has limited your growth. You don’t have to believe it anymore. Banish it — then onwards and upwards! With Uranus traipsing through your security-conscious sign, you’re probably not as averse to change as you used to be. This moon can increase the hunger for adventure, perhaps bringing a big trip, entrepreneurial venture, publishing project or educational path into full flower. You might also have an awakening of sorts, as your perspective is expanding and your consciousness is being raised. Learning experiences can help you mature in leaps and bounds now. Since your ruler, Venus, is moving into oppositions with Saturn and Pluto, you may have trouble enjoying the moment, as the need to piece together the big picture can lead you to project into the future. FOMO could also cause problems, as Pluto can make you preoccupied with a desire to alter your current reality. Try to balance a pleasant mindset with these heavier thoughts, and don’t get hung up on reading deeper meaning into everything and making a mountain out of a molehill. The allure of difference can prevent you from appreciating the here and now, so relish simple pleasures and remember the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. A Venus-Neptune confab lures you to see the best in people and share your feelings with friends. You’ll enjoy socializing with a group, and warm camaraderie will make you feel more in sync with those around you — so don’t spend too much time alone. Once Mercury backs into your cognition-and-communication house, you’ll need to be extra patient with crossed wires and travel difficulties. Reconnect with a sibling or neighbor, review info, revisit a nearby place or rewrite something.

This week’s lunar eclipse falls in your depth-and-merging sector, which could turn up the heat in a sexual relationship, as strong emotions and physical intimacy are sure to create a potent concoction. You might break up with a lover or become embroiled in a power struggle, and with your ruling planet traveling retrograde, this isn’t the best time to make a big decision or negotiate terms. This eclipse can also shine a bright light on something in your psyche, allowing you to turn an important emotional corner. You could finally recover from a wound, crisis or loss now. Plus an outside resource such as a loan or grant could come through — or you might lend your support (emotional or financial) to someone else. Venus’s faceoffs with Saturn and Pluto, however, could compel you to take no for an answer. If you’re not getting what you need, find a compromise you’re satisfied with — or stop going back to a dry well. If one door closes, find another way to get your desires met. With Pluto in the mix, jealousy, mistrust and manipulation can harm a relationship, so be careful not to foster a destructive dynamic. Work to bring about constructive change in a relationship or in your own psyche. Venus’s chemistry with Neptune in your ambition angle signals that you can draw in more income through service-oriented or creative work, and the better you use your talents now, the more likely you are to achieve a dream. Mercury is backing into your worth zone, and it’s time to ask yourself what’s most important to you. Are you satisfied with how you’re earning a living? What do you base your self-esteem on? Are you maximizing your innate gifts? Are you living by your core personal values? How can you become more self-sufficient and fiscally secure? If you’re tempted to splurge on something, consider whether you need it or want it. If the answer is want, what deeper desire do you expect it to fulfill?

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