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B4a2c9b63fd68a080a47d2a35293e167 Webster @Webster - 1 day ago
Joe Biden Is Very Offline—and That’s OK
“Every period has its great men, and if these are lacking, it invents them.” Those are the words of philosopher Claude Adrien Helvétius. Or, well, they probably are. The phrase comes from Leon Trotsky, who quoted Helvétius in his memoirs as a way to dis Stalin. Rude! But ...continued
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3917a54ef2e71f0b2d57dd0d63e0f2fb Cameron @Cameron - 4 days ago
A Musician Revered by Iranians, But Banned by the State
“When you’re moving with the people, your position is clear,” he said. “The people know what they want.”That he so often drew from the mystical tradition of Persian poetry for his lyrics was not an accident; it allowed him to offer subversive political commentary while ma...continued
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Dd00644dc8212e2e9fd2e6ce7a756bbf Jerrold @Jerrold - 4 days ago
A Texas House Race Could Bring Unions to the Table to Build a Green New Deal
A scene from a new ad cut by the Sunrise Movement, featuring Congressional candidate Mike Siegel in front of the AFL-CIO building in Austin. The ad is narrated by union member Ryan Pollock. Screenshot : Brian Kahn/G/O MediaTexas, unions, and a Green New Deal are three ide...continued
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Eb0f1753654cff1630386503eeba7c5d Bobby @Bobby - 5 days ago
Opinion: How paranoia in presidential politics went mainstream
(CNN) The 1950s are often portrayed as a placid decade of peace, prosperity and "Happy Days." You might even think that presidential elections were courtly affairs back then -- very different from the current bitter, anxious contest between President Donald Trump and form...continued
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151d593186e8e56663df3ed32962360f Dayton @Dayton - 6 days ago
Politics, Poems and Charm in Two London Monologues
LONDON — Inua Ellams’s plays have been such an enlivening presence on the London stage in recent years that it comes as a particular treat to make contact with the man himself.“An Evening With an Immigrant,” a solo play written and performed by Ellams, a London-based Nige...continued
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Bbe6309a1d067c75a83f525952377ae7 Rahsaan @Rahsaan - 5 days ago
SE Cupp: Making fun of seniors seems like bad politics
Dangerous TikTok trends go viral because we like to be likedSource: CNNPowered by NewsAPI.org
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9c02f74a2060b9a7d8d9cd41fd6c26ed Clarissa @Clarissa - 7 days ago
From School Boards to the Senate, All Politics Is Virus Politics in 2020
Candidates’ own cases of the virus have created all sorts of uncertainty for political races, yanking campaigns off the trail and into quarantine during crucial weeks and confounding political strategists, who have little precedent to lean on as they try to figure out how...continued
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F83221f06565aed5272a3e729d6efe18 Alexander @Alexander - 9 days ago
Kidnapping Plot Against Whitmer Becomes Part of Michigan Politics
“Paul Smith’s conspiracy theories and hateful remarks do not represent our values. That is why the House Republican Campaign Committee is not supporting him and will not spend one dime to get him elected,” they said in a statement.But Mr. Smith isn’t the only Republican w...continued
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0a3d7829480267a63997ae3c91bb2ebe Adelia @Adelia - 9 days ago
Without Live Music to Play, Pearl Jam Reimagines Rock Activism in 2020
Back in March, as the coronavirus first gripped the country, Pearl Jam made the difficult decision to postpone all its concert dates for the foreseeable future. In doing so, the band was canceling not just a fall tour, but also a trip through presidential battleground sta...continued
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56a34dc91390858efd1999c86a89c348 George @George - 10 days ago
In a Small Alabama Town, Suddenly All Politics Is National
Twelve years ago, Ms. Jones, whose family had struggled during the housing crisis, wrote a bad check for groceries. In Mr. Nathews’s hand was a printout detailing just that. He would not say who had given it to him, but that they had done so with a message: “This is who y...continued
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394b4c0c4dd468b433ba43c77bdbb708 Bart @Bart - 11 days ago
Sixty Coinbase employees take buyout offer over “no politics” rule
Sixty Coinbase employees have accepted a buyout offer after CEO Brian Armstrong announced a controversial new policy curbing political activism inside the company. Armstrong disclosed the figure in a Thursday email to employees.Armstrong announced the new policy last week...continued
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B2e1b8b378e5e7660ec2a2923ad69789 Marlon @Marlon - 11 days ago
Which 'Succession' Character is James Murdoch?
Though the kids each walked away with billions in cash and stock, the deal bared all the competing interests in the family. Lachlan was, by all accounts, aghast to be left merely with the rump — the part James had dismissed to friends as an “American political project.” R...continued
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E5a600388a4be6ed5b515081737d8445 Angus @Angus - 13 days ago
Under Pence, Politics Regularly Seeped Into the Coronavirus Task Force
“The vice president admittedly was in a difficult situation; he was asked to lead a project where his boss wasn’t on board,” said Senator Angus King, independent of Maine, who clashed with Mr. Pence during an April conference call about coronavirus testing. During that ca...continued
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125f097c91a427394e6d36ae98c72376 Elaina @Elaina - 13 days ago
In Scuttling Stimulus Talks, Trump Invites Political Risk for Himself and Republicans
“This is going to make it very hard for him to make the case that he’s doing all he can to pull the nation out of economic malaise,” Mr. Fratto said.Mr. Trump vowed that a recovery plan would pass “immediately after I win,” but there was little indication that the powerfu...continued
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70753e5e348bf454161ee0bcc63fed8d Juliet @Juliet - 14 days ago
Trump Isn’t Actually That Good at Politics
Trump seems to believe that it shows strength to flout precautions and weakness to heed them. He seems to think the public wants this “strength” and will flock to him in support of his performance. Yet again, his vaunted political instincts failed him. When, in the wake o...continued
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1adaf62f6727e453ef8e84f05a069975 Oren @Oren - 16 days ago
FACTBOX-Transgender figures in politics around the world - Reuters
LONDON, Oct 2 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Petra De Sutter, a gynecologist serving as a Green party member of the European Parliament, was named as deputy prime minister in Belgium this week - becoming the most senior transgender government official in Europe.With LGBT+...continued
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Eac8a1ccc60323b8c8f2660965836fef Immanuel @Immanuel - 17 days ago
'SNL' returns to mock the presidential debate
ER doctor on Trump's antibody treatment: We don't know exactly what the efficacy is for this drugSource: CNNPowered by NewsAPI.org
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F0eeb861062e22bc7a935a0992b58cb8 Ariel @Ariel - 18 days ago
Trump’s Covid News Meets a Landscape Primed for Mistrust
Was it a hoax? Was it a lie? Was the president sicker than he claimed — or not sick at all? (What does “mild” mean, and how is it different from “moderate”?) Was there any way this alarming news was an ultra-cynical con?Waking up on Friday to the stunning development that...continued
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1a914154cd263fa68f1b8d6529ef63dd Sandrine @Sandrine - 18 days ago
The best politics podcasts: 9 shows that'll keep you informed and entertained
There’s an election coming up, did you hear? Just kidding. OF COURSE you heard, it’s everywhere.But if these last four years have shown us anything, it’s that politics and elections, uhhhh, they really matter — we’re in the middle of a woefully mismanaged , deadly pandemi...continued
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13026bc1164d1ff880b91138506d70e7 Ismael @Ismael - 18 days ago
The Electoral Politics of Trump's Diagnosis
Donald Trump and Melania Trump have been diagnosed with Covid-19. At a minimum, the president will spend early October in quarantine rather than on the campaign trail. Apart from what this means for his health, you’re probably wondering what it means for November 3. The s...continued
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9c02f74a2060b9a7d8d9cd41fd6c26ed Clarissa @Clarissa - 19 days ago
Do Politics Affect Business Financing?
September 30, 2020 4 min readOpinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.It’s…everywhere. These days, you can’t escape it. The specter of hangs over all our heads. It doesn’t matter what your ideology is, or if you’re undecided. Still, how much does poli...continued
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C0c3cfe5664cc7e6deb04e9e150ccd98 Devin @Devin - 20 days ago
Silicon Valley Is Fighting a Losing War Against Politics
Photo : Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Vanity Fair ( Getty Images )You’d be excused for not following the recent brouhaha associated with Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong’s announcement that the company would no longer play politics. T he statement, posted to Medium on Sun...continued
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7094e9deddcf03241ed9894017ba09bc Rose @Rose - 20 days ago
Pentagon Is Clinging to Aging Technologies, House Panel Warns
WASHINGTON — A bipartisan House panel said on Tuesday that artificial intelligence, quantum computing, space and biotechnology were “making traditional battlefields and boundaries increasingly irrelevant” — but that the Pentagon was clinging to aging weapons systems meant...continued
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Eac8a1ccc60323b8c8f2660965836fef Immanuel @Immanuel - 20 days ago
Trump vs. Biden: The First Presidential Debate
Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher Listen and subscribe to ‘The Daily’This episode contains strong language.Both presidential candidates had clear goals for their first debate on Tuesday.For Joseph R. Biden Jr., the contest was an opportunity to consolidate his lead in p...continued
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F8a6248ab1c5ce893cb03b8d7e3ab08b Cyril @Cyril - 21 days ago
Why Coinbase will struggle to ban politics from the workplace
The Interface is a daily column and newsletter about the intersection of social media and democracy. Subscribe here .Programming note: There’s a presidential debate tonight! Here’s how to watch it online. And here’s Politico’s handy “pre-bunk” of 10 lies you’re likely to ...continued
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